What percentage of choroidal nevus becomes melanoma?

Can choroidal nevus turn into melanoma?

The choroidal nevus is a benign melanocytic tumor of the ocular fundus that carries a small risk for transformation into small choroidal melanoma. According to Singh et al,3 it is estimated that the annual rate for malignant transformation of choroidal nevus into melanoma is 1 in 8845.

Can choroidal melanoma be cured?

Even though the melanoma is cured and in remission in the eye, life-long systemic monitoring for metastasis is necessary, as metastasis could have occurred before the eye cancer was discovered.

How long does it take choroidal melanoma to spread?

The median time from diagnosis of choroidal melanoma to diagnosis of metastasis was 44.8 months (3.7 years).

Should I be worried about choroidal nevus?

Should I be worried if I have a choroidal nevus? Choroidal nevi are common and occur in about 5-10% of the population. Even though most nevi do not affect vision or cause any problems, they should still be watched regularly. Just like a skin mole can become cancerous, an eye nevus could do the same.

Is choroidal melanoma common?

Choroidal melanoma is the most common primary malignant intraocular tumor and the second most common type of primary malignant melanoma in the body. It is nevertheless an infrequently found tumor.

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How often should a choroidal nevus be checked?

All choroidal nevi should be examined at least once a year. If your doctor notices certain features on your nevus, you may need to be checked more often. For example, if the nevus is particularly large or thick, has orange pigment, or is leaking fluid, then it is more likely to grow into a melanoma.

How do you get a choroidal nevus?

Causes of a Choroidal Nevus

Although the exact cause is not known, it is believed that either from exposure to UV-B radiation or other causes, an increased production of melanin caused by DNA photodamage to the melanocytes causes excess melanin to be deposited in the choroidal tissue.

What does choroidal melanoma look like?

[7] The classic appearance of choroidal melanoma on IO is a pigmented dome-shaped or collar button-shaped tumor with an associated exudative retinal detachment. Choroidal melanoma is usually pigmented, but they can be variably pigmented and even amelanotic (non-pigmented).

Is an eye nevus a tumor?

They’re benign, or noncancerous, ocular tumors that form on the iris or choroid. Because they’re not cancer, nevi can’t spread to other parts of your body. Nevi are much more common than cancer in the eye. About 1 out of every 10 people has at least one of them.