Is a benign cartilaginous tumor?


What are cartilaginous tumors?

Cartilaginous neoplasms are relatively common tumors that can involve almost any bone. 1. These tumors vary in presentation and can range from a latent enchondroma to a high-grade or dedifferentiated chondrosarcoma.

What is a cartilaginous tumor called?

What is chondrosarcoma? Chondrosarcoma is a type of bone cancer that develops in cartilage cells. Cartilage is the specialized, gristly connective tissue that is present in adults and the tissue from which most bones develop.

Can enchondroma turn into cancer?

Single enchondromas rarely become cancerous, though the chances are a little higher in patients with Ollier’s disease and Maffucci’s syndrome. When enchonromas do become cancerous, they usually become a type of malignant cartilage tumor called a chondrosarcoma.

How common are Enchondromas?

Enchondromas are the most common type of hand tumor. The exact cause of enchondroma is not known. It is most common between ages 10 and 20. It affects women and men equally.

Can cartilage become cancerous?

Chondrosarcoma is a cancer of cartilage cells, which are found at the ends of bones in joints, in the breastbone, windpipe, voicebox, face and ears. Chondrosarcoma is considered a type of bone cancer. Non-cancerous tumors of cartilage are more common than cancerous ones.

What is a benign bone tumor called?

The most common types of benign bone tumors include: Enchondroma: This type of tumor starts in the cartilage. These tumors are found inside the bone, in the marrow space. Osteochondroma: This type of tumor is made up of cartilage and bone and can get bigger while the skeleton is growing.

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Which is a benign tumor of the cartilage?

An enchondroma is a type of benign bone tumor that originates from cartilage. It is not cancerous. It most often affects the cartilage that lines the inside of the bones.

What is the survival rate for chondrosarcoma?

The 5-year survival rate for chondrosarcoma is 75.2%, which is much higher than that of osteosarcoma and Ewing sarcoma 3. Tumor size, grade, stage, local recurrence, metastasis at presentation, systemic treatment, and radiotherapy are all associated with the prognosis of chondrosarcoma 47.

Do benign bone tumors cause pain?

Symptoms. A lump or swelling can be the first sign of a benign tumor. Another is ongoing or increasing aching or pain in the region of the tumor. Sometimes tumors are found only after a fracture occurs where the bone has been weakened by the growing tumor.