NEW EDITION OF BILL HENDERSON’S “Beating Cancer Gently” book

“Leaf” mixed media with collage 22″ x 30″ by J Woodward

This blog is blessed to be a blessing to thousands of visitors from literally all over the world.  The most “initial” page views are for “Bill Henderson’s protocol”.  I honestly cannot explain how I found Bill, but I know that I know that I know that his book was the first step in my realizing that I could, indeed, take charge of overcoming cancer and do so systematically.  I followed Bill’s protocol closely for quite a while and found his monthly newsletter very helpful in expanding my understanding of cancer and the importance of developing an “anti-cancer internal environment” or “anti cancer body chemistry”.   

Bill is absolutely committed to helping “the world” understand that people don’t have to die the horrible death Bill’s wife, Marjory, died after enduring standard “poison” treatments.  He is relentless in discovery and in sharing what he discovers.  

Regardless of whether or not you follow Bill’s protocol exactly, the book is worth your investment because it well explains the concept of maintaining your immune system which is the first line of  defense against cancer.  Bill does not delve into the spiritual aspect of healing but he does not deny it.   He just leaves it to the individual.  

I recommend you add Bill’s new edition of his book to your library.  The principles he teaches are well accepted and well founded.  Bill introduced me to the Budwig Protocol and that, alone has been a Godsend.   


An update of my Cancer-Free book (the 4th Edition) is now ready for purchase as either an e-book or paperback at my website, which is:
Dr. Carlos Garcia, M.D. is now my co-author in this update.  He has made many additions from his experience with healing cancer at his Utopia Wellness clinic in Clearwater, Florida.  He added an interesting Foreword at the front of the book and a Chapter 8 on “Heavy Metals and Chelation,” a subject on which he is one of the true experts in the U.S.

Other new and useful information in this update includes:

1.  The addition of Vitamin D3 as an essential part of the regimen recommended in Chapter 5 for self-healing.

2.  A section on parasite testing and cleansing by one of America’s true expert parasitologists, Dr. Raphael d’Angelo.

3.  A completely revised Chapter 6 on Clinical Resources — natural cancer treatment clinics and holistic physicians.

4.  An expanded section in Chapter 5 on “Causes of Cancer That Are First Priority” reflecting my experience over the last three years helping many hundreds of cancer patients heal themselves by dealing with the cause(s).

5.  An expanded list of resources in Appendix A.

6.  Of course, updates on all the websites, phone numbers and other data.

To buy the updated 4th Edition, simply click on this link: