Bill Henderson’s Protocol

“Change” “22 x 30” mixed media on Arches paper

Early in my bout with cancer, I was searching for resources on and ordered a couple of books. I somehow received one I didn’t recall ordering but it was better than the two I chose. It was Bill Henderson’s “Curing Cancer Gently–Your Guide to Non-Toxic Healing”. Bill’s a retired Air Force officer who lost his wife, he explains, to the ravages of chemotherapy as she battled cancer. Bill launched aggressive research into curing cancer other ways hoping to help other families avoid the agony his endured. He also publishes an online “Cancer Free Newsletter” and has a website 

I found this book very helpful in organizing my own research because I read every book and study he cited for myself and then read sources in the bibliographies of those…..I was looking for consensus but I needed to save time and get my own protocol started. The parts of Henderson’s book that were most helpful (and which have consensus back-up) are the importance of dealing with un-resolved stress and the truth about the Standard American Diet (SAD). Even more urgently helpful was the section “The Four Secrets of treating and beating cancer”. 

These are:
1. Cancer treatment must STRENGTHEN the immune system. 
2. Cancer treatment must INCREASE the oxygenation of the cells. 
3. Cancer treatment must DETOXIFY the body.
4. Cancer treatment must change the body chemistry from acidic to alkaline.
ALL FOUR factors must be addressed. People learn these points and begin to question how chemo and radiation would fit into those four factors. Good question!  As stated above, Bill believes he lost his wife, Marjory, to harsh cancer treatment and devoted his life to helping others avoid that horror.  He has amazing research to share and it can save you time, money and agony.

Some people prefer to turn their healing over to someone else entirely and just don’t want to change their lifestyle. They think that lifestyle change is too hard and just having some man-made chemicals pumped into their body is easier. Most people understand that the human body runs into trouble when it takes in poisons faster than it can get rid of them……then they make choices that do just that.  

Bill Henderson’s six recommendations for cancer patients are the cornerstone of an eating plan that keeps toxin intake down….food is NOT inert. Hippocrates, the father of medicine, said, “Let your food be your medicine and your medicine be your food.”

The Six steps are:
1. NO Sugar (including high fructose corn syrup, honey, man-made substitutes. That includes in prepared foods….READ LABELS.
2. NO flour (converts to sugar quickly)
3. NO processed foods…if it’s not in the form God made it, don’t eat it. If it is passed to you through your car window, don’t eat it.
4. NO animal protein. After you’ve become cancer free, you can have some organic grass fed meat in small amounts occasionally.
5. NO dairy except for kefir or cottage cheese in the Budwig protocol
6. LOTS of organic fruits and vegetables–especially vegetables. Raw vegetables are highly recommended.

It is important, also to exercise daily. Walking, swimming, Tai Chi or Yoga are good.  Think of stagnating if you don’t keep moving.

It goes without saying, NO caffeine or alcohol.

There are wonderful vegan cookbooks available. I’ve found them online. Hallelujah Acres has several of the best and their research does not conflict with Henderson’s regarding inner environment changes that kill out cancer.

Bill Henderson now has a download version of his book and it’s shorter and better organized. I don’t think the title, How to Cure Almost Any Cancer for $5.15 a Day” focuses on the wealth of included information but I advise you to ignore the title and read this book.  It could save your life….it has certainly helped me.  There is a neat website: that shares many stories from cancer patients for whom the Budwig Protocol was a major part of their CURE.


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    I made a point of reading all the documentation references in the Henderson books including “The China Study”. I was looking for a consensus in “recommendations” and “supporting research” because I knew my physician husband would “roll his eyes at me” if I fell for “snake oil”.

    About 8 months after starting the protocol outlined in the Henderson book, my CT scans went from “spots on lungs and liver to be watched” to “no evidence of recurrent or residual disease”. Cancer Free!

    This is a lifestyle–I will stick to it for life….There is a LOT of upside including tremendous energy and feeling better than ever before…I’m 67 years old and keeping up with 3 grandchildren is NO PROBLEM.