Dangers of Hydrogenated Oils

I want to share an article with you by Dr. Jana Fortner, N.D. who is the author of a book I highly recommend entitled 7 Keys to Awesome Health.   The book is available from www.amazon.com Early in my recovery, I consulted with Dr. Fortner personally.  Fortunately, her office was a short drive from my home at the time.

 She confirmed what I was already doing, but adjusted several things, tested me for certain deficiencies (like zinc) and added two or three important supplements to my regimen including a supplement to help me digest fats since I had my gall bladder removed as part of my cancer surgery.  She fine tuned my nutritional program.   She monitored  my progress until I was satisfactorily balanced in a program designed just for me.  

The information in this article is meant to clear up confusion regarding fats in our diet.  We MUST balance our fat intake, and avoid lethal fat products; yet, we need fats because our cell membranes are actually constructed largely from fats.  I hope you enjoy the article and that you will visit Dr. Fortner’s website.   


Information we need in a concise although thorough format.

” Information we need in a concise although thorough format.


Nutritional Health Education Center 
What’s Wrong with Hydrogenated Oil or Chemically Altered Oil?© www.awesomehealthmakeover.com
Hydrogenated oils are essentially refined and processed vegetable oils. They are the product of a lengthy process which culminates in the bubbling of hydrogen through refined and deodorized oil at temperatures exceeding 200 C. The extreme heat causes the structure of the fat molecules to be altered such that oil which was originally liquid at room temperature is now solid or semi-solid. These altered, unnatural fatty acids are then called trans-fatty acids but they are more commonly known as shortening or margarine. Now, there are also “trans-fat free” margarines which are chemically altered, nutritionally void, and just as unhealthy as the trans-fat variety they are meant to replace.
It is not at all safe to eat hydrogenated, partially hydrogenated, or chemically altered oils even though they are found in all kinds of pre-packaged foods. Food manufacturers add hydrogenated oils to foods in order to preserve shelf life and produce a pleasing texture. They use these unhealthy fats because their healthier counterparts are a lot more expensive and have a much shorter shelf life.
Because the human body was created long before altered fats were, it was not designed to process them. While we have very efficient mechanisms for handling normal fats, abnormal ones throw the body into a state of confusion and disorder.
Healthy, unaltered fats normally serve a number of vital functions in the body. They are burned for long-term energy, and they are necessary components of the membrane surrounding every cell in the body. You make thousands of new cells every minute. [My note:   Several of my blog posts here and at www.slamthedooroncancer.com discuss the need to balance Omega 6 and Omega 3 fatty ESSENTIAL (must ingest in foods) acids.  All of the posts discussing the “Budwig Protocol” include this information.  My book, Slam the Door on Cancer and Lock It Out of Your Life, also discusses the importance of our taking in proper fatty acids.   Dr. Fortner’s book is a great source of information on all these subjects as well and both of our books are quite readable.]

Trans-fats, however, don’t burn properly for fuel and don’t function properly in cell membranes. When fats don’t function correctly, the cell membrane’s ability to control what comes into and goes out of the cell may be severely impaired, resulting in lowered immunity, impaired hormonal function, and early cell death.
Because trans-fats are not recognized by the body as useful substances, the liver classifies them as toxic wastes and attempts to detoxify and eliminate them. This creates an unusual burden on the liver and gall bladder, which can lead to degeneration in those organs. The liver performs at least 500 distinct and critical functions in the body, so it pays large dividends to make sure it is not stressed.
Body chemistry requires many vitamins and minerals in order to digest and process foods to make energy or produce new body cells. These specific nutrients are normally contained in the foods we eat to keep a balance in the body between what we are using up and what we are taking in. Like all refined foods, however, hydrogenated oils have had all of their nutrients removed during processing. This lack of nutrients is the reason they keep so well on the shelf – nutrients spoil, motor oil doesn’t. When you eat refined food, your body has to use up vitamins and minerals from your own reserve supplies – leaving you with a deficiency that will negatively affect energy production and organ function.
According to a study reported by Mary Enig, Ph.D., “when monkeys were fed trans-fat containing margarine in their diets…their red blood cells did not bind insulin as well as when they were not fed trans-fats. This suggests a link with diabetes. Trans-fatty acids have been linked with a variety of adverse health effects which include: cancer, ischemic heart disease, multiple sclerosis, diverticulitis, diabetes, and other degenerative conditions.”
Where might you find hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated oils? Here is a partial list of possibilities:
some cold cereals, chips and crackers, some peanut butter,microwaveable popcorn, roasted / salted nuts, pre-packaged cookies, many candies, margarines and shortenings, pre-packaged snack cakes.
ALL deep frying or high-heat baking hydrogenates the oils in foods such as french fries, chicken nuggets, onion rings, etc.
Virtually all baking mixes and many batters including cake, muffin, and pancake may contain hydrogenated oils.
Are there any good oils? Some fats are necessary for proper function and rebuilding of the body. Good sources include flax oil, extra virgin coconut oil, and extra virgin olive oil. For maximum benefit these oils should be consumed raw. Flax oil in particular should never be heated. Here are some substitution suggestions to help you on your way to health:
Instead of: Use:
Instead of margarine use organic butter, extra-virgin coconut oil
Instead of shortening, use organic butter, extra-virgin coconut oil
Instead of canola or soybean oils, use extra-virgin olive oil, flax oil
What can you safely do with a hydrogenated or chemically altered oil? Save it for the next time you have a squeaky hinge.”

Two Part “Insurance” for Real Health

We CAN make our bodies inhospitable to cancer or nearly any other disease

We CAN insure our body is inhospitable to cancer or nearly any other disease which certainly beats fighting to get insurance to pay for sick care.

People ask me often, “If you could only do one thing to keep your health and surely avoid a cancer relapse, what would it be?”   The response is not complicated for me.

First, any time and every time the slightest hint of illness arises (and, yes, occasionally relapse symptoms give it another try),  I immediately become  even more earnest and aggressive in declaring the Word of God into my body and soul.

Second, I make sure one particular substance is kept out of my body as much as possible–a substance that was the strongest craving I had pre-cancer and one the majority of people I talk with seem to share–it is sugar and it WILL cost us 11 to 20 years of life on average if we let it.   Sugar seeds and fertilizes inflammation–the hotbed for the vast majority of debilitating disease including cancer.

If I have to pick from the two — declaring God’s Word or eliminating sugar, –God’s Word is the ultimate “healing insurance”; however, I do recall Jesus declaring that the unfruitful fig tree would die (I think of this “freeloader tree” as a “type” of cancer).   Yet before the declaration manifested, He went and cleansed the temple.   We ARE now the temple of Holy Spirit; thus, considering my two “insurances” for real health separately is really impossible so let’s call them “Part A” and “Part B”.

“Part A” –Declaring God’s Healing Word aloud persistently and consistently is not “hocus pocus” and it is not “hoping against hope”.   It is absolute quantum healing power.   Remember that God spoke the universe into being.   There was nothing and then there was everything OR God’s spoken word caused unseen matter to become seen matter.   The point is that words change matter (substances that have weight and take up space).     Our bodies are, of course, “matter” and we know they react to words if we’ve ever blushed at someone’s remarks.    Declaring what the actual words of our Creator say about our health and healing has a distinct and powerful impact upon the “matter” that makes up our bodies–indeed, our body cells where our living is rooted.

Sound (speaking) is, of course, vibrational, and although you may not realize it, quantum physics has disclosed that all

Scripture contains healing light.

Scripture contains healing light.

matter including our bodies is also vibrational at the sub-atomic or quantum level.  Declaring God’s Word is precisely declaring God’s intention for us individually and that intention is light and love which heal any and all maladies.   What could be a more powerful “insurance” for real health  than bringing one’s body into rhythm or resonance with the loving Creator of that body?

In my book, Slam the Door on Cancer and Lock It Out of Your Life, I share my personal experience with declaring God’s healing Word three times a day as though I was taking medicine.   I obtained my healing and kept it.   Any time I sense any illness from headache to sore throat to cancer symptoms trying to attack, I begin prayers of thanksgiving [“Enter His gates with Thanksgiving and His courts with praise” as in Psalms 100] and I’m always amazed at how quickly the enemy gives up.   He’s a bully anyway and he can’t stand the powerful resonance of a body/soul/spirit “in tune” with the Lord Himself.

NOTE:  You can find a wealth of “Healing Scriptures” at www.slamthedooroncancer.com by clicking the “Resource” tab and then “The Healing Word of God”.  There is also a tab for “Scripture Audio” you can listen to or play in the presence of an ill loved one.  I’ve known people who have recovered from terrible sickness after their loved ones read and played audio of the healing Scriptures to them 24/7 even when the patient was unconscious.


Cleansing the temple includes body, soul (mind, will, emotions) and spirit!

“Part B: —“Cleansing the temple” physically would mean removing that which corrupts our being “in tune” with God’s design for us.  Jesus got all the  crooks and deceivers out of the temple in perhaps His most violent action.   Truly, He cleared out the enemy who had counterfeited a way to control temple life.   Sugar counterfeits food because it is not useful as food and it does nothing but destroy lives.   Sugar actually controls life within the body of a person subject to sugar cravings.

The Journal of The American Medical Association (JAMA) reported that 1 in 3 children born in the year 2000 or later will lose 11-20 years from their lifespan from sugar consumption!    That is from the many diseases that are fertilized by sugar. These include ALL, yes ALL, “dis-eases” such as diabetes, cancer, heart disease, ADHD, depressions, allergies etc.

Something causes these things and it is NEITHER our loving Creator’s plan NOR “luck of the DNA draw”.

Most of us walk around feeling less than half as well as we could

Most of us accept feeling unwell as a natural part of life and IT IS NOT.

Sugar beats the insidious drum that corrupts our inner resonance and dirties our blood setting us up for feeling terrible, being cranky, hearing dreaded disease diagnoses pronounced over our bodies, an on and on.   We do not get sick because we lack some man-made chemical (pharmaceutical) in our bodies.    We get sick because our lifestyle (emotionally and/or physically) allows or causes us to become out of resonance with the loving Creator’s purposes in our lives.   We get “out of tune” and “out of resonance and usually it’s because we don’t keep our temple clean.     We get used to feeling half or even less well than we are intended to feel and disease creeps upon us.

I know that giving up sugar seems impossible to some.   One dear man told me, “If I’m going to die of cancer, then I want to enjoy all the desserts I can before I go.”    I’m not making this up folks.   That enemy counterfeiter is a “sweet talker” — remember he wooed Eve in the garden with a “slick food commercial”.

There is help for putting sugar addiction behind us once and for all.  It includes reading every food label and returning the container to the shelf if it contains any form of refined sugar including those with fancy names like “HFCS, high fructose corn syrup, cane syrup, raw sugar, etc.”     Sugar is sugar and any is too much.   We burn glucose for energy but it needs to come in good food like fruits and vegetables.   Moderation is important in eating fruit.  I delve further into this topic in the book.

I found Stevia herb very helpful because it does not raise blood sugar and is a natural sweetening herb.  I also found pure

Real Ceylon cinnamon can help control blood sugar if we don't overwhelm our bodies with high glycemic index "food".

Real Ceylon cinnamon can help control blood sugar if we don’t overwhelm our bodies with high glycemic index “food”.

Ceylon cinnamon a tremendous help as well as Milk Thistle Supplements in controlling the craving and moderating blood sugar.  I’m not doing a commercial, but a product called Cinnergy which is a well made pure blend of cinnamon and milk thistle is a supplement I like.  Check out www.getcinnergy.com .   It comes from www.thepeopleschemist.com  where there is much good information on lifestyle and wellness.   Instructions say don’t take it if you have a problem with hypoglycemia or low blood sugar and everyone should seek the advice of trained health care professionals.    I also use quite a bit of pure Ceylon cinnamon in my food (like yogurt, smoothies, and cereal).   It does not have a strong cinnamon taste.   Avoid cinnamon with additives like chromium and make sure you get the real thing.   A good Nutrition Center can help you with getting the real cinnamon.    It’s also available from www.renegadehealth.com .    I get organic Ceylon cinnamon through www.amazon.com and keep it in a quart glass jar to refill my shaker from.

I found my sugar cravings had subsided after about two weeks of “violently” persisting to cut sugar out of my diet.  My bout with pancreatic cancer left me with 1/3 pancreas (after surgery) and that remnant had troublesome spots as did lungs and liver.  I’ve never taken insulin and my hemoglobin A1C tests have been just fine for years now.    I do watch the carrot content in my daily vegetable juice and blend it with celery and cucumber juice made fresh from organic produce.

Remember that a healthy cell cannot become cancerous.  Building health is “the cure”.

Don’t forget to visit my short videos at www.gve-tv.com



Have a Teeccino–Healthy and Delicious

Break the coffee habit without feeling like you are being deprived. Teeccino is a great alternative.

Break the coffee habit without feeling like you are being deprived. Teeccino is a great alternative.

In my quest to convince my readers that a healthy lifestyle is gloriously joyful, I am sharing another of my favorite products in this post.  “Let’s have a coffee!” is a mechanism for getting folks together for conversation and fellowship; however, the caffeine is an issue for many facets of our health.   In fact it is a drug with a myriad of side effects.   For many (including me), I reacted to the loss of my “morning friend” as though a favorite toy had been taken from the child in me.

However, as He does when we let him, God brought a wonderful coffee alternative into my life and I haven’t looked back.  My husband, a long time coffee hound from a family that drank a great deal of coffee, has largely turned to this alternative also.   He arises before me and makes us a pot in our drip coffee maker nearly every day.

I especially enjoy the “Vanilla Nut” Teeccino with a drop of Stevia and a bit of coconut milk.    I also enjoy the chocolate and I suggest it  will get you through a chocolate craving episode richly.   All the flavors are amazing.

Here’s the snag . . . or it seemed so to me for a while.  Teeccino is rarely found in restaurants and having a coffee after dinner or just as a “conversation opportunity” is a treat I didn’t want to give up.   But, again, there is a solution.  Teeccino comes in nice “tea bags” in many flavors such as French Roast, Chocolate, Dandelion Caramel Nut,  Vanilla Nut, et al.   All are absolutely delicious.   So I carry a small ziplock bag in my purse with a few bags of various flavors of this drink–enough for me and often to share with a friend who has never tried Teeccino.     Honestly, I have never had anyone try it who did not like it.    I just order hot water or hot tea with cream and ask them not to put the tea in the water.    I fudge on the cream/milk but I also carry small packets of stevia powder and just a few grains work for me.     I get two cups from one Teeccino “bag”.   Never have I discerned a difference in flavor from the drip percolator or “tea bag” produced drink.

I have found Teeccino at Whole Foods and at one health food store.    I live in a rural area of Kentucky so I do a lot of online shopping.   Both www.vitacost.com and www.amazon.com have supplied my Teeccino.

I urge you to give Teeccino a try if you are serious about “kicking the caffeine habit” and I urge you to do so.  Teeccino is non-acidic (huge asset) and gluten free.   This drink is of “Mediterranean ilk” and ingredients (varying slightly per flavor) include organic carob, organic chicory, almonds, dates, organic figs, organic ramon seeds, natural chocolate, organic dandelion, natural coffee flavor, natural vanilla extract, organic barley, chile flakes.  All flavors have zero sugar except vanilla nut has 1 g sugar.   Delicious iced as well as hot although I don’t mind it at room temperature.

Visit www.teeccino.com for more details.   The package mentions that this drink provides a natural energy boost from nutrients rather than stimulants.   It has heart healthy potassium and soluble fiber.  It also contains inulin which is a natural derivative from the chicory root supporting beneficial microflora that improve digestion, elimination and intestinal health.

Again, I have no business or other connection with this product.   I do hope it blesses my readers as much as it has blessed me.  I enjoyed many cups of teeccino at my laptop while writing my book, Slam the Door on Cancer and Lock It Out of Your Life.  

NOTE:   Visit this week’s post on my other blog:  www.slamthedooroncancer.com to learn about an inexpensive and effective internal cleanse……easy too.

Enjoy Eating Healthy–It’s the Berries

When I do seminars or counsel one-on-one, sometimes I can feel in the air a resistance to the idea of healthy eating because people are so influenced by “junk food advertisements” that sublimely imply that “eating healthy” is boring and joyless.  In this practical post, I share one of my favorite healthy foods that actually “jazz up my daily diet”. They are a delicious treat and packed with “good nutrition”.   I’m pretty certain you can’t overdose on these because I eat LOTS.

I keep a glass spice shaker with 1/8" holes filled with freeze dried organic black raspberry powder--TASTY!

I keep a glass spice shaker with 1/8″ holes filled with freeze dried black raspberry powder–TASTY!

This treat is freeze-dried black raspberry powder.   I actually learned about this food product from one of my readers whose wife beat ovarian/uterine cancer and who “gets it” regarding “interactive miracle healing”.

The photo to the left is the brand my friend recommended to me and I actually communicated with the company and found them very dedicated to the quality and purity of their product.  I have no business connection and do not benefit financially from sharing this information.  It is whole berry powder, non-GMO and gluten free.  I don’t have personal experience with other brands but I’m sure there are some.

Of course “Big Brother” limits what we can share regarding how absolutely “anti-cancer” and “anti-disease” the innate ingredients in this food can be; however, you can read more about the potent anthocyanidins in such berries in my book, Slam the Door on Cancer and Lock It Out of Your Life, as well as some of the resources I cite in the appendices of the book (and on the resource page of this blog).

[Note: “Anthocyanidins are a class of polyphenols responsible for almost all of the vivid colors–pink, mauve, orange, and blue–found in many fruits and vegetables.  These pigments are particularly abundant in berries, and especially in raspberries and blueberries, which can contain up to 500 mg per 100 grams of fruit.” (p 122 Foods to Fight Cancer by R Beliveau, PhD and D Gingras, PhD)]

What a gift from God to make attractive, delicious food contain such health giving molecules!  I love to sprinkle this powder on toast made from Ezekiel 4:9 “low GI” bread and spread with Barleans Organic coconut oil.   It is great sprinkled into yogurt, cereal, or even salads or you can simply mixed with purified water for a delicious and nutritious juice drink.  The package says to mix one serving of 2 rounded teaspoons (equal to 1/2 cup fresh berries( in a full glass of water.  We can be creative as we take in this tremendous food!

I order this product through www.amazon.com and the BerriProducts contact information is 1-888-761-8407,  www.berrihealth.com and email is service@berrihealth.com.  This is a family company (Sturm’s Berry Farms in Oregon) and has been practicing ecological farming in the foothills of Mount Hood for 70 years.  The powder has fiber, potassium, vitamin C, Iron, Calcium, etc on its package label; however, standard package labeling does not facilitate including the listing of powerful anthocyanidins–molecules shown in laboratory testing to be capable of forcing cancer cells to commit suicide (apoptosis).  In his book, Anticancer,  Dr. David Servan-Schreiber, MD, PhD,and long time brain tumor survivor, says “. . . these molecules act on several cancer lines and are particularly effective against colon cancer.” (p 118)

He also says that research done on “rats who consumed black raspberries from Canada experienced an inhibiting effect on cancers of the esophagus, mouth, and colon.”  Dr. Servan-Schreiber goes so far as to say, “” . . rats in the group that consumed the berries developed 50% fewer tumors than the control group.  This magical little fruit has already proven its effects in small group of patients who genetically suffer from a particular kind of polyp that is known to aggravate the risk of breast cancer.  Patients who took black raspberry extract had up to 59% fewer of these dangerous polyps than the throat who were given a placebo.” (ibid. p 119)

Per several sources including Servan-Schreiber, we also recall that raspberries (among other berries) contain ellagic acid and many polyphenols that stimulate the mechanisms of elimination of carcinogenic substances and inhibit angiogenesis.  And, again, anthocyanidins and proanthocyanidins also promote apoptosis in cancer cells.  And “freezing does not damage the anticancer molecules in these berries, so in winter, frozen berries can replace fresh ones.” (ibid p 139).    Thus we can conclude that the freeze-dried whole berries are not lacking in these important nutrients.  Servan-Schreiber documents the research sources for his statements.

The Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine, 3rd edition (p 912) shares this information:  “Blackberries, raspberries, blueberries, black-currants, cranberries, ace berries, and strawberries as well as other fruits rich in similar flavonoids such as pomegranates, cherries, and plums, appear to be extremely helpful in preventing prostate cancer, as test tube studies have shown impressive anticancer action. . . . Regular consumption of these foods and supplementation with concentrated source of procyanidolic oligomers are recommended.”

By the way, these nutrient molecules in berries also “reduce capillary fragility, increase the integrity of the venous wall, improve the muscular tone of the vein” and thus very helpful to people with blood vein issues like varicose veins. (Ibid. p 994)

Visit my other blog:  www.slamthedooroncancer.com for a very encouraging post about dealing with the root of ill health.


Your Body’s Most Overlooked Anti-Cancer Mechanism

You can activate your body’s most overlooked anti-cancer mechanism.

Chronic inflammation is a hotbed for growth of tumors. Our lymphatic system is the mainstay for draining an inflammation “swamp” within us. This article discusses five ways we can activate our amazing lymphatic system.


The lymphatic system parallels the blood vessels. It filters fluid from cells then dumps it back into bloodstream.

The lymphatic system parallels the blood vessels. It filters fluid from cells then dumps it back into bloodstream.

“It’s in the lymph nodes.” is threatening information to someone dealing with cancer. Yet, many people are unclear what a lymph node, or for that matter the lymphatic system, is designed to do. This important system pervades all body tissue with vessels parallel to the blood vessels.

Simply stated, the lymphatic system’s job is to pick up, filter (through nodes) and recycle the fluid washing between cells. It is also the only means for evacuating the blood protein molecules that become trapped in that fluid surrounding body cells. The lymph fluid carries these proteins through the filtering nodes along the way, and finally “dumps” both the fluid and “vetted” proteins into a vein under the left collarbone

Chronic inflammation increases the amounts of extra fluid and blood proteins in the space between body cells (which is meant to have minimal fluid) and thereby overworks the lymphatic system. If the fluid is not kept moving, a stagnant unhealthy state sets so that oxygen and nutrients are not delivered to cells and they can’t do their jobs. All of our energy, indeed every life process, generates at the cellular level. Cancer and other nasty diseases begin to develop in such inflammatory stagnation.

While several absolutely critical lifestyle elements such as diet, sleep, and stress management get much attention in anti-disease discussions, lymph system health is practically ignored. However, we can do several specific things to activate and support this very important system.

Here are five lymph-moving activities to consider:

Muscle Contraction:
The lymphatic system does not have a pump like the heart that pumps our blood. Like blood veins, however, lymphatic vessels do have check valves to keep fluid moving in only one direction. However lymph fluid relies on both pressure differentiations and mechanical pumping means. We supply the latter as we live our lives.

Muscle contraction helps the fluid move–especially at the capillary and small vessel level. Muscle driven movement is essential and various forms of exercise help but cannot do the entire job and more physically active lifestyles serve our lymphatic systems better.

Exercise, Laughter, Deep Breathing, proper massage can all move lymph.  Chemicals do not.

Exercise, Laughter, Deep Breathing, proper massage can all move lymph. Chemicals do not.

Bouncing on Mini-Trampoline:
Bouncing on a mini-trampoline is an excellent way to stimulate lymph fluid movement because it suspends the body “weightless” for short “bursts” that encourage the lymph fluid through the check valves. These trampoline devices are available in a wide price range and some have a handle bar for those who need steadying. People who are weak can sit on the larger bouncers while someone else gently bounces. I’m amazed at how this bouncing has helped me and I use a small inexpensive device. There are free online videos demonstrating this activity.

Deep Breathing:
Deep breathing is absolutely critical for moving lymph fluid especially through the larger ducts in the trunk and then depositing it into the blood. A big yawn, a cough, a sneeze, a belly laugh, singing with proper breath control all do it because of the deep breathing they evoke. Still, breathing exercises and good breathing habits are absolutely essential to avoid lymph back up, pressure on nodes and pockets of inflammation. Deep breathing is particularly important for anyone who has had surgery in their past.

A person with a sedentary job can do deep breathing exercises in place and one well tested “routine” is this:
1. Sitting up straight with chin up, place the tip of your tongue behind your upper front teeth with lips slightly parted.
2. Focus on filling your lungs fully from the “bottom” to “top”.
3. Breathe in through your nose steadily while counting to four.
4. Hold the breath to a count of seven.
5. Then, making a soft “whoosh” sound, breath out through your mouth to a count of eight.
6. Work up to repeating this in sets of four and do it hourly.

Well-designed studies have demonstrated that deep breathing effectively activates lymph fluid movement. Exercises that have a very deliberate breathing component like one I have adapted in my recovery from pancreatic cancer can be very helpful. It is similar to Tai Chi.

Low Voltage Devices:
Under care of physical therapists, sometimes battery-powered devices are used to emit a very low voltage intermittent impulse into the local tissue. The impulse is delivered through strategically placed electrodes adhered to the skin on either side of a site where pain is occurring. Pain signals a lack of oxygen that is often a result of inflammation blocking the removal of trapped blood proteins. This stimulation is meant to break up clumps of trapped plasma proteins to enable lymphatic capillaries to evacuate them. The capillaries often cannot absorb the large protein molecules clumped together.

Lymphatic Massage:
Some professional masseuses are trained and licensed in lymphatic massage. You can seek out such a specialist to perform therapeutic massage that is helpful in activating the lymphatic system. Doing so might be beneficial for someone who has spent time being very inactive due to hospitalization or illness.

Anyone can improve their state of health by being aware of their lymphatic system and doing some simple things to keep it moving its cleansing and balancing fluid through our bodies. Who wouldn’t want to minimize stagnation and do all they can to eliminate pockets of chronic inflammation that can become a tumor’s favorite environment?

Keywords: inflammation, lymphatic system, cancer, deep breathing, exercise, bouncing, lymphatic massage, inflammation, lymph nodes


Jacquie Woodward, a long time cancer survivor, is the author of the recently launched book, Slam the Door on Cancer and Lock It Out of Your Life. You may watch a video of Jacquie’s own exercise routine at http://youtu.be/lIWoEaiHEV8 . or visit www.slamthedooroncancer.com to order a follow along DVD of her anti-cancer exercise routine, order her book in print or pdf, and read more encouraging blog posts.

7 Things I Learned About Cancer That Helped Me Beat It

A plant based diet (largely raw) jump starts your healing.

A plant based diet (largely raw) jump starts your healing.

My last post may have been more technical than some of you were comfortable with.  I assure you that my book is not highly technical although I do share some of the “science” regarding a few topics.   In this post, I’m going to keep it simple and share seven critical things I learned about cancer that helped me beat it.

ONE:   I learned that cancer cannot live in a body chemistry that is kept slightly alkaline rather than acidic.  When I learned this fact, I ordered litmus paper and began checking my morning urine daily.  I learned that eating a plant based diet , supplementing with Barley Power tablets (www.greensupreme.org), and getting the stress out of my life (“resting in the Lord”) keep me balanced.  Juicing (drinking homemade vegetable juice daily) is a tremendous boost in maintaining a healthy biochemical balance.

TWO:  I learned that cancer (tumor cells)  must have sugar to live.  In fact, PET scans, tumor cells are identified by their profuse uptake of sugar.   I deleted sugar, food and drink that contain sugar, and food that readily converts to sugar (like white bread) from my diet.   Sugar is absolutely “cancer fertilizer”.     Good cinnamon supplements (with no additives) can help you with your sugar cravings which you can squelch within two weeks.

THREE:  I learned that certain nutrients in foods actually fight cancer by (a) enhancing apoptosis or the suicide of tumor orIMG_9034 pre-tumor cells, and (b) reducing angiogenesis or the mechanism by which tumor cells trick the body to develop extra blood supply to them.    These foods include but are not limited to:  organic berries, turmeric (curcumin) and some other spices, garlic, green tea and other foods listed in an appendix of my book and on the “resource” page of this blog as well as my book blog, www.slamthedooroncancer.com .   And, yes, organic is important.

FOUR:  I learned that actively honoring my “immune system” was very important to allow my body to do what it is created to do–fight tumor cells.   I found the research on Transfer Point Beta Glucan indicated this supplement is quite potent in boosting the immune system (especially T cells that literally “eat” tumor cells).  I began taking Beta Glucan and get it from www.betterwayhealth.com.

FIVE:  I learned that drinking a lot of pure water is absolutely essential for healing and health.  For a few years I distilled my own water with a countertop machine, but then changed to a Zero Water Filter (again countertop).  The Zero is not expensive, uses no electricity, and reduces total dissolved solids in “tap water” to zero.   It comes with a digital meter to keep track of when to change filters.  I buy mine from www.amazon.com.  Coffee, tea (except herbal), sodas, alcohol are negatives to health and often provide tumor cells the sugar they require.

SIX:  I learned that quantity, quality, and regularity of sleep is often overlooked as a cancer fighter.  Our bodies want to heal and they do so primarily while we sleep.  Sleep depravation is a cumulative health hazard we must avoid because it can be seriously damaging to our DNA and open the door to cancer.

SEVEN:  I learned how important our cell membranes are and that they are largely constructed of certain healthy fats.  I researched the “Budwig Protocol” which is simply combining organic flax oil with a high sulfur protein like cottage cheese or yogurt and including it in daily diet.  I add berries if I use yogurt and I chop up some fresh vegetables in it if I use cottage cheese (organic of course).   I talked about this a bit in my last post.    There is now a product called CelltraMax that I use as a “portable Budwig Protocol” when I need it.  It is available from www.bodybyvinpro.com .

Knowing you can be powerfully active in your own healing is exhilarating.

Knowing you can be powerfully active in your own healing is exhilarating.

These seven things were my “arsenal” as I set out to make my body a place cancer could not live.   Sometimes people scoff at the idea that we have control over whether or not our bodies will “host” a tumor.    They prefer to think of cancer as random bad luck hoping some “expert” will fight their battle for them.   I don’t understand that point of view.  I knew my Creator had made my body to be healthy and I knew He was, therefore, “for me” as I set out to move into an “anti-cancer lifestyle”.    Knowing God absolutely loves you and wants you in full blown health is the foundation for health restoration of wholeness which includes body, soul, and spirit.

The single most important thing I learned spiritually was how to pray effectively.  I learned that whatever decisions and choices I made needed to line up with God’s intent for me.  Whatever I did needed to be rooted in “peace in my spirit” so I learned to pray and listen before making decisions and choices.  I also learned to spend time in God’s Word and I found the “healing scriptures” energized my healing of body and soul (which cannot be separated). There are many “healing scriptures” in an appendix of my book as well as in pages on both blogs.

Tumor Cells Improvise–IF We Let Them

Tumor Cells Improvise– If We Let Them.  However, some brilliant doctors found ways to “not let them” several decades ago and basically we must make sure cells receive sufficient oxygen supply and we keep our body chemistry slightly alkaline.  Here I’m sharing some excerpted information from my book, Slam the Door on Cancer and Lock It Out of Your Life.  We have control over our body acidity/alkalinity through lifestyle.  We have control over assuring our body cells receive the oxygen supply they require again through lifestyle.  I realize this post is a bit technical.  It is so important, I implore you to read through it more than once if necessary.

In a Nobel Speech, Dr. Otto Warburg said, “. . .The prime cause of cancer is the replacement of respiration of oxygen in normal body cells by fermentation of sugar.”

A body cell is analogous to our entire organism.  It MUST metabolize food.    Tumor cells get by without oxygen by using fermentation.  Lifestyle changes can reverse this process..

A body cell is analogous to our entire organism. It MUST metabolize food, respire, throw off wastes, and it responds to chemicals stimulated by emotions. Tumor cells get by without oxygen by using fermentation. Lifestyle changes can reverse this process which also helps restore alkalinity..

Dr. Warburg said he found fermentation (burning glucose without oxygen) in every cancer cell he examined. The fermentation Warburg references, however, is within a cascade of events that actually begins with either or both a physical and emotional “insult” sending the body into a persistent inflammatory mode eventually interrupting normal life processes – first at the cellular level and then at the whole body level. Part of this “mode” is acidic body chemistry.  We won’t delve into the cascade of events that includes blocked oxidation here, but you can find it expanded in Appendix Five of my book, Slam the Door on Cancer and Lock It Out of Your Life.

Dr. Johanna Budwig explained Warburg’s point further saying: “Otto Warburg, in thorough work, determined that all tissue in the living organism, wherever a tumor can be formed, is characterized by the fact that it can no longer absorb oxygen.”

Here, we need to consider the direct link between cell membrane integrity and the blockage of oxygen that forces the fermentation. Why be concerned with cell membrane health?   Oxygen must enter the cell through our cell membranes, period.  When body cells are struggling against sustained inflammation from reaction to damaging lifestyle, chronic “insult”, or other trauma, the oxygen delivery to these cells is interrupted forcing them into abnormal “survival mode” which includes anaerobic fermentation rather than normal “respiration”. Cells improvise to stay alive but fermentation cannot support normal healthy life functions indefinitely.

A depiction of a cell membrane.  The red protein structures would be the pump mechanisms.

A depiction of a cell membrane. The red protein structures would be the pump mechanisms.

There are “pump mechanisms”in cell membranes that require oxygen to generate electrical energy for the cell and for the body.  Realizing that getting oxygen to cells was critical to avoid tumor-enhancing fermentation, Dr.Warburg searched for high-energy fatty acids that are essential for cellular energy generation. He tried some saturated fats that didn’t work (we now know) because of the electron type and arrangement within the fat molecules.  [Note:  You can search Youtube videos for “sodium-potassium pump” and see demonstrations of these energy generating pump mechanisms simulated. ]

As quantum physics arose, scientists realized that photon rich unsaturated fatty acids provide the energy for transporting oxygen in and out of cells.  Unsaturated fats let their electrons easily jump  back and forth between molecules thereby generating energy not unlike the way a solar panel works to generate energy.  All life processes ultimately depend on sunlight because sunlight transforms into electrons, photons, and particles called “pi-electrons”. Solar particles (photons) come to us in plant-based food through the process of photosynthesis (a chemical process using chlorophyll and sunlight). Photons are to light what electrons are to matter and Einstein showed that photons can be energy waves and particles at the same time.  I point this fact out to help us realize the necessity of a plant based diet.  We need the photons and electrons from eating plants.   And, if we eat animals, we benefit from eating only those animals that have been fed properly grown plants (grasses) rather than “engineered feeds”.

Dr. Johanna Budwig followed Warburg’s work concluding: “The electrons in our food serve as
the resonance system for the sun’s energy. The electrons in our food are truly the element of life.” Budwig realized cell membranes were basically “tarred over” by lifeless dietary saturated fats and especially by hydrogenated margarines and nut butters. Impaired cell membranes exacerbate “blocked oxygen” and other issues.  Also, cell membranes are largely made of certain fats and we must have these in our diets to keep life pumping properly at the cellular level (where cancer is an opportunist when we deprive our cells of photon rich foods).   Persistent tiredness and fatigue are “red flags” for the presence of tumor formation in our bodies.

“Energy generation” depends on electrons absorbing photons through the process of vibration (resonance), which is the basic energy of everything.

Tumors arise when our body's built in protection systems are compromised by lifestyle stresses--physical or emotional.

Tumors arise when our body’s built in protection systems are compromised by lifestyle stresses–physical or emotional.everything. Einstein showed that energy and matter are never actually destroyed but merely change form. Therefore, everything is some type of vibration, which means every particle in the universe is connected to every other particle through vibration. Just contemplate being in “resonance” with Holy Spirit within this amazing universe. This intimate relationship is God’s expressed intent throughout His Word and in His “Word Made Flesh”. (See John 16:13, Romans 8:11, John 1:14.)

When electrons absorb photons they increase their energy levels. Electrons can also give off photons, which involves a great deal of energy and is part of every change of substance in the universe. Dr. Warburg looked for an edible source of this dynamic exchange and didn’t find it as we noted earlier.  Later, Dr. Budwig found that “essential fatty acids” or EFA’s  possess the particular electron arrangement and type of chemical bonds to transfer tremendous amounts of energy.  [See earlier posts on “The Budwig Protocol” on this blog.]

We now know that the electron configuration found in flax seed (oil), walnuts, carotene, and other plant substances provide the energy for oxidation to overcome the anaerobic fermentation in cancerous cells. Wild coldwater fish that ingest plankton also provide EFA’s.  Now, we have a deeper realization of the critical importance of “blocked oxygenation” in the cascade of events resulting in the “disease state” that a sustained inflammatory response initiates. Pain is also a result of blocked oxidation.

These highly unsaturated fats Dr. Budwig used are called “essential fatty acids” because they can ONLY come from God manufactured food and NOT from humanly processed food. I hope you are starting to realize we are designed to eat fresh raw vegetables in which photosynthesis has occurred as a way of “eating sunshine”.  [Note:  The term fatty acids does not mean these foods push cellular acidity.  Quite the opposite,]

We have photons in every healthy body cell . . . We have light in us. After all, Jesus called us “the light of the world.” (Matthew 5:14) “According to the computable findings of modern physicists, the quantum biologists, there is no entity in nature, in life, which has a higher concentration of solar electrons than man. It then follows that man has a true rapport with sunlight. Physicists today are recognizing more and more that “Let there be light!” at the outset of Creation is becoming physically ever clearer to our minds, as the TRUTH.” [Quoted from Dr. Budwig]

Note:  This post is excerpted from my book, Slam the Door on Cancer and Lock It Out of Your Life; however, it is summarized here.  Further Explanation can be found in the book and several posts on my “book blog” www.slamthedooroncancer.com .  The reference notes are not included in the post but are available in the Endnote section of the book.


God’s Relentless Love Assures Our Real Health Hope

A “Fly-Fishing” Demonstration of God’s Relentless Love

A metaphor for God's Grace!

A metaphor for God’s Grace!

I’m late posting this week because, on a whim, my husband and I took off a few days to go fly-fishing in the Great Smoky Mountains. We were blessed to rent the perfect cabin in the perfect place although I have no idea how I happened upon that particular booking via Internet. There are very few cabins setting right on a good trout stream and God winked and put us in one. He will do that, you know . . . and He can use anything to bless us. He’s that kind of Daddy and I wish I’d know that truth about Him my entire life because I’m certain I would have “skipped cancer” had I known how much He loves me.

But the cabin is not the subject of my post. Take a look at some of the photos I’m sharing in this post and wonder with me as I stood in those creeks with cold clear water swiftly moving by in countless breathtakingly beautiful swirls and falls and pools –wonder with me how the water supply remains so steady and profuse.

Order NOT Chaos

Order NOT Chaos

I would gently swing my rod and “throw” my fly pattern upstream a short distance. It would “dead drift” on top of the current in quite reliable ways amidst what many observers might consider to be chaos. And if I looked away for an instant, how did the fish know to take the fly just then adding even more thrill to the event? Soon I realized there was no chaos at all but great principles of hydraulics and quantum principles at work and if I put the fly in the same place twice (rarely unfortunately) it would drift predictably.

Where was all that water coming from so constantly and steadily and, in fact, exhilaratingly? Stand in a clear mountain creek and be very quiet and still, and Creation will literally sing to you and you will realize things about yourself and your God that you hadn’t considered for a very long time if ever. Further, you will see a demonstration of the very nature of the Creator and His perpetual demonstration of His grace. He could have drained water from high to low places on earth without making the process beautiful and reassuring, but He is the kind of Daddy who pours out His love in every single thing He Creates and sets in motion for His kids. He obviously enjoys thrilling us and, I think, surprising us by surpassing “necessity”.

Those rushing creeks demonstrate the constancy and consistency of God’s forgiveness, mercy, peace, joy, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and LOVE . . . His limitless GRACE. It cleans us inside and out. It heals us because we know Him and the power of His unconditional love. It tunes us to His everlasting frequency—the resonance of His entire Creation and every “song” His Son sings to hold it all together. (See Paul’s epistles and Hebrews).

The impact of the redemptive “work” of Jesus is as cleansing, perpetual, lavishing, and dependable as that rushing creek

Move WITH the Principles God set in place

Move WITH the Principles God set in place

water and even more beautiful. Let’s say it clearly and be healed: It is NOT our own worthiness, intelligence, works, righteousness, or effort but it is our embracing of Jesus Christ as our Savior and Healer and King and Shepherd and Friend that stands us in the waterfall of God’s unconditional love and mercy.

Being in that Grace changes our “want to” certainly. We slowly but surely “want to” please our loving Daddy God. Grace

comes before our own efforts not after. Did you get that? God’s unconditional Grace is a cause rather than a result of our living righteously. We can never be wholly righteous except “IN Jesus”. It is His robe of righteousness we can wear but we cannot earn that right by works and actions. It happens by submitting to Him in love knowing we are unworthy. Again, the creek can teach us this truth. Moving about in rushing waters (even fairly shallow ones) is a challenge. Moving with the current is possible. Moving against it is asking for trouble. Testing where you step before committing to the move is important. A good staff in your hand is quite helpful. Setting out impetuously gets us wet and messes up the pool of water for quite a while. Moving with Grace is pure joy! Creeks are great teachers because the Creator made them orderly not chaotic. Life is the same way.

God didn't have to make every detail beautiful, but He loves blessing us.

God didn’t have to make every detail beautiful, but He loves blessing us.

In this blog we consider a great deal of God’s Logos (written) and Rhema (spoken) Word; however, God speaks to us constantly within His Creation and we can know that we know that we know Him—Daddy God—surprising, thrilling, loving, forgiving, healing, providing. We cannot fully embrace the amazing nature of our God, but we can ALWAYS be present in that rushing stream and be completely immersed–resting in His saving Grace as though each of us were His “only child”. I couldn’t “see it with my mortal eyes”, but my spirit knew full well that I was really not standing in clear water but in water re-claimed and restored and pure because of a more powerful flow—the everlasting waterfall of the cleansing blood of our Lord. That rushing creek is beyond description but it is a mere metaphor for the Lord’s Grace.   God’s relentless love is our REAL HEALTH HOPE.

Hydration is Critical For Good Health


Hydration is the single most important element of good health because it facilitates all normal body functions.   “Bathe Daily” both inside and outside.

NOTE: This post is a direct excerpt from my book, Slam the Door on Cancer and Lock It Out of Your Life. This book is currently being discounted at www.amazon.com in both paperback and digital formats (Kindle).   The Kindle app is free for download and makes this format readable on tablets and smart phones as well as Kindle readers.   I have also matched the Amazon discounted price on my other website www.slamthedooroncancer.com .   I’ve discounted the exercise DVD as well.   I don’t know how long this discount will last so please check it out now. Some of my readers would like to gift this book to loved ones and now is a good time to do so.

Water For Life....Keep it flowing through your body to avoid stagnation.

Water For Life….Keep it flowing through your body to avoid disease causing stagnation.

In all my research, one of the most fascinating resources was Dr. F. Batmanghelidg, M.D.’s, Water for Health, for Healing, for Life. The tag line in the title is “You’re Not Sick, You’re THIRSTY!” Dr. “Batman” (his chosen nickname) spent his incarceration as an Iranian prisoner of war treating fellow inmates for stress related diseases. He kept careful records of his work so he could share his conclusions. The “take away” points of this book in our context include:

  1. 1.  “Dry mouth is not the only sign of dehydration.” 1 Don’t wait until you are thirsty to drink water. “It is now crystal clear that the human body has many different ways of showing its water needs.” 2  I list other signs of thirst later.
  1. Water is not only “life sustaining” but also “life giving” in its nature.   Water is not inert as Dr. Emoto’s crystals reveal; rather it holds within it far more cosmic truth than we have realized even though Scripture is rich with lessons regarding “living water”– lessons often interpreted too figuratively. Water constantly transports life-giving elements to every cell and transports life threatening toxins from every cell. We have seen in Emoto’s crystals, that it is somehow part of our soul as well as body. [You can see nice videos of Emoto’s water crystal experiments by searching www.Youtube.com and then “Masuru Emoto”]
  1. People are deceived “thinking that tea, coffee, alcohol, and manufactured beverages can substitute for the pure natural water needs of the body.”4 “Dr. Batman” says this assumption is “an elementary mistake, particularly in a body that is stressed. It is true that these beverages contain water, but most also contain dehydrating substances such as caffeine . . . ”when you drink coffee, tea, or even a beer, your body gets rid of more water than is contained in the drink.”  We know that only pure water contains oxygen and hydrogen, which is the only material in a beverage our blood and lymph fluid can use.
"Bathe Daily INSIDE as well as OUTSIDE with pure water.

“Bathe Daily INSIDE as well as OUTSIDE with pure water.

We must keep water “flowing” through our bodies constantly to avoid “stagnation”. Doctors Guyton and Hall, in The Textbook of Medical Physiology, 11th Ed., explain, “The kidneys must continually excrete at least some fluid, even in a dehydrated person, to rid the body of excess solutes that are ingested or produced by metabolism. Water is also lost by evaporation from the lungs and the gastrointestinal tract and by evaporation and sweating from the skin. Therefore, there is always a tendency for dehydration, with the resultant increased extracellular fluid sodium concentration.” Additionally there is a threshold for drinking at a certain sodium concentration in the extracellular fluid. “Water intake restores extracellular fluid osmolality (movement through membranes) and volume toward normal.” 6 Earlier, when we were discussing the various receptors on cell membranes, I mentioned that one of them was a pump requiring oxygen to generate energy. That pump relies on proper sodium concentration in the fluid between cells. “Dr. Batman” adds,

All living and growing species, humans included, survive as a result of energy generation from water.” 7

All Drinks are NOT Water

Media is packed with energy booster drinks hyped to overcome that “afternoon slump” capitalizing on the everyone-does-it lifestyle. Even the pink ribbon disease marketing campaign now participates in this health counterfeit. “Dr. Batman”, however, can save us some grief and money as he teaches regarding feeling tired without a plausible reason. He says, “Water is the main source of energy formation in the body. Even the food that is supposed to be a good source of energy has no value to the body until it is hydrolyzed by water and energized in the process.” 8   Until recently, car batteries required monitoring of their water level to keep the current flowing. Now they are “closed cell” so water is not lost. We saw in previous chapters that electrical energy generation at the cellular level is an essential life process. Guess what, we still have to monitor and maintain our body’s “battery” water level.   Pure water or liquid “Foo Foo Dust” for energy boost? No contest!

“Dr. Batman” also gives other body thirst signs such as unreasonable irritability, dejection, feelings of inadequacy, autoimmune maladies and depression.   He also discusses short attention span, quick temper, flushing, shortness of breath, cravings for manufactured beverages and alcohol, feeling “heavy headed” and disturbed sleep as “body thirst” signals.9 Many of these things are linked to acid/alkaline imbalance from dehydration triggered situations in the body such as loss of amino acids (proteins) and insufficient absorption or loss of certain minerals and the absolute need for essential vitamins and fatty acids.” 10 Nearly every book or study I’ve read points out that cancer thrives in an acidic body environment and even perpetuates that condition as it progresses.   Drs. Batman and Budwig compliment each other well.

How to Get the Water We Need?

 We need to drink about half our “body weight” in water per day in ounces. If I weigh 130 pounds, I need to drink a minimum 65 ounces (2+ quarts) of water per day and more if exercising because the average lost is 3.5 quarts per day. Water in vegetable juice counts. Water in fruit juice is so full of sugar without the buffering fiber of whole fruit it’s not recommended.   Fresh fruits and vegetables have good water content and that’s a bonus for me because I eat a lot of them but don’t count them in my water intake goal.   It is best to avoid foods that make us thirsty.

Bottled water? Some people find bottled natural spring water acceptable. I don’t like to drink anything that has spent a lot of time in plastic containers, and particularly if it may have spent time in hot temperatures such as a truck or rail car. I use a stainless steel portable water bottle and carry my filtered water with me.   Regarding purity of bottled water, Dr. Andrew Weil, M.D. cited a study done at the University of Iowa of 10 brands of bottled water showed “cancer causing contaminants in the store brands of several large retail chains at levels the same as those routinely found in tap water.” 11

Tap Water? Fluoride, Chlorine, discarded pharmaceutical residue, agricultural run off, and a few other issues exist in public water supplies. Refrigerator filter quality varies and I’ve seen none that filter out all the total dissolved solids in tap water. I’m not going to launch a technical discussion of how these toxins get into the water. Let me just say that the “city water” in my small rural community has a brand new treatment plant and my digital meter regularly reads between 175 and 250 total dissolved solids per the national standard unit of measure. This amount it acceptable by government standards – actually about average. I’d rather have water with a zero reading.

What do I do? In the first several years post cancer, I drank only distilled water processed from a countertop distiller. Yes, rock minerals are distilled out of water, but only plants can use those. We must get our minerals from those plants. A distiller uses more energy and time than I wanted to invest.

Now, I use a Zero Water Filter purchased online for about $50 which uses zero electricity to bring my water to zero “total dissolved solids” content. This filter and countertop reservoir comes with a digital meter to alert me to replace filter at a reading of 0.06. I spend about $50 per year on filter cartridges. It is a neat process.

Some people have whole house water filters or distillers. It is a personal choice and costs vary.   I have recently started using a hand-held shower head filter knowing our skin so readily absorbs what is in our bath water and I like to relax in the bath.

The next section on juicing fits closely with our discussion of drinking plenty of pure water because, while some may wonder about giving up bulky cellulose fiber in vegetables through juicing, we need to realize the benefit in picking up water “filtered and electrically balanced by nature itself”– particularly from organic vegetables.   Drinking fresh vegetable juice is like an “express delivery” of concentrated nutrients to every cell without taxing the digestive system in the process.

I have not transferred footnotes to this post but they are available in the book, Slam the Door on Cancer and Lock It Out of Your Life temporarily discounted at www.amazon.com and www.slamthedooroncancer.com .