Tumor Cells Improvise–IF We Let Them

Tumor Cells Improvise– If We Let Them.  However, some brilliant doctors found ways to “not let them” several decades ago and basically we must make sure cells receive sufficient oxygen supply and we keep our body chemistry slightly alkaline.  Here I’m sharing some excerpted information from my book, Slam the Door on Cancer and Lock It Out of Your Life.  We have control over our body acidity/alkalinity through lifestyle.  We have control over assuring our body cells receive the oxygen supply they require again through lifestyle.  I realize this post is a bit technical.  It is so important, I implore you to read through it more than once if necessary.

In a Nobel Speech, Dr. Otto Warburg said, “. . .The prime cause of cancer is the replacement of respiration of oxygen in normal body cells by fermentation of sugar.”

A body cell is analogous to our entire organism.  It MUST metabolize food.    Tumor cells get by without oxygen by using fermentation.  Lifestyle changes can reverse this process..

A body cell is analogous to our entire organism. It MUST metabolize food, respire, throw off wastes, and it responds to chemicals stimulated by emotions. Tumor cells get by without oxygen by using fermentation. Lifestyle changes can reverse this process which also helps restore alkalinity..

Dr. Warburg said he found fermentation (burning glucose without oxygen) in every cancer cell he examined. The fermentation Warburg references, however, is within a cascade of events that actually begins with either or both a physical and emotional “insult” sending the body into a persistent inflammatory mode eventually interrupting normal life processes – first at the cellular level and then at the whole body level. Part of this “mode” is acidic body chemistry.  We won’t delve into the cascade of events that includes blocked oxidation here, but you can find it expanded in Appendix Five of my book, Slam the Door on Cancer and Lock It Out of Your Life.

Dr. Johanna Budwig explained Warburg’s point further saying: “Otto Warburg, in thorough work, determined that all tissue in the living organism, wherever a tumor can be formed, is characterized by the fact that it can no longer absorb oxygen.”

Here, we need to consider the direct link between cell membrane integrity and the blockage of oxygen that forces the fermentation. Why be concerned with cell membrane health?   Oxygen must enter the cell through our cell membranes, period.  When body cells are struggling against sustained inflammation from reaction to damaging lifestyle, chronic “insult”, or other trauma, the oxygen delivery to these cells is interrupted forcing them into abnormal “survival mode” which includes anaerobic fermentation rather than normal “respiration”. Cells improvise to stay alive but fermentation cannot support normal healthy life functions indefinitely.

A depiction of a cell membrane.  The red protein structures would be the pump mechanisms.

A depiction of a cell membrane. The red protein structures would be the pump mechanisms.

There are “pump mechanisms”in cell membranes that require oxygen to generate electrical energy for the cell and for the body.  Realizing that getting oxygen to cells was critical to avoid tumor-enhancing fermentation, Dr.Warburg searched for high-energy fatty acids that are essential for cellular energy generation. He tried some saturated fats that didn’t work (we now know) because of the electron type and arrangement within the fat molecules.  [Note:  You can search Youtube videos for “sodium-potassium pump” and see demonstrations of these energy generating pump mechanisms simulated. ]

As quantum physics arose, scientists realized that photon rich unsaturated fatty acids provide the energy for transporting oxygen in and out of cells.  Unsaturated fats let their electrons easily jump  back and forth between molecules thereby generating energy not unlike the way a solar panel works to generate energy.  All life processes ultimately depend on sunlight because sunlight transforms into electrons, photons, and particles called “pi-electrons”. Solar particles (photons) come to us in plant-based food through the process of photosynthesis (a chemical process using chlorophyll and sunlight). Photons are to light what electrons are to matter and Einstein showed that photons can be energy waves and particles at the same time.  I point this fact out to help us realize the necessity of a plant based diet.  We need the photons and electrons from eating plants.   And, if we eat animals, we benefit from eating only those animals that have been fed properly grown plants (grasses) rather than “engineered feeds”.

Dr. Johanna Budwig followed Warburg’s work concluding: “The electrons in our food serve as
the resonance system for the sun’s energy. The electrons in our food are truly the element of life.” Budwig realized cell membranes were basically “tarred over” by lifeless dietary saturated fats and especially by hydrogenated margarines and nut butters. Impaired cell membranes exacerbate “blocked oxygen” and other issues.  Also, cell membranes are largely made of certain fats and we must have these in our diets to keep life pumping properly at the cellular level (where cancer is an opportunist when we deprive our cells of photon rich foods).   Persistent tiredness and fatigue are “red flags” for the presence of tumor formation in our bodies.

“Energy generation” depends on electrons absorbing photons through the process of vibration (resonance), which is the basic energy of everything.

Tumors arise when our body's built in protection systems are compromised by lifestyle stresses--physical or emotional.

Tumors arise when our body’s built in protection systems are compromised by lifestyle stresses–physical or emotional.everything. Einstein showed that energy and matter are never actually destroyed but merely change form. Therefore, everything is some type of vibration, which means every particle in the universe is connected to every other particle through vibration. Just contemplate being in “resonance” with Holy Spirit within this amazing universe. This intimate relationship is God’s expressed intent throughout His Word and in His “Word Made Flesh”. (See John 16:13, Romans 8:11, John 1:14.)

When electrons absorb photons they increase their energy levels. Electrons can also give off photons, which involves a great deal of energy and is part of every change of substance in the universe. Dr. Warburg looked for an edible source of this dynamic exchange and didn’t find it as we noted earlier.  Later, Dr. Budwig found that “essential fatty acids” or EFA’s  possess the particular electron arrangement and type of chemical bonds to transfer tremendous amounts of energy.  [See earlier posts on “The Budwig Protocol” on this blog.]

We now know that the electron configuration found in flax seed (oil), walnuts, carotene, and other plant substances provide the energy for oxidation to overcome the anaerobic fermentation in cancerous cells. Wild coldwater fish that ingest plankton also provide EFA’s.  Now, we have a deeper realization of the critical importance of “blocked oxygenation” in the cascade of events resulting in the “disease state” that a sustained inflammatory response initiates. Pain is also a result of blocked oxidation.

These highly unsaturated fats Dr. Budwig used are called “essential fatty acids” because they can ONLY come from God manufactured food and NOT from humanly processed food. I hope you are starting to realize we are designed to eat fresh raw vegetables in which photosynthesis has occurred as a way of “eating sunshine”.  [Note:  The term fatty acids does not mean these foods push cellular acidity.  Quite the opposite,]

We have photons in every healthy body cell . . . We have light in us. After all, Jesus called us “the light of the world.” (Matthew 5:14) “According to the computable findings of modern physicists, the quantum biologists, there is no entity in nature, in life, which has a higher concentration of solar electrons than man. It then follows that man has a true rapport with sunlight. Physicists today are recognizing more and more that “Let there be light!” at the outset of Creation is becoming physically ever clearer to our minds, as the TRUTH.” [Quoted from Dr. Budwig]

Note:  This post is excerpted from my book, Slam the Door on Cancer and Lock It Out of Your Life; however, it is summarized here.  Further Explanation can be found in the book and several posts on my “book blog” www.slamthedooroncancer.com .  The reference notes are not included in the post but are available in the Endnote section of the book.


God’s Relentless Love Assures Our Real Health Hope

A “Fly-Fishing” Demonstration of God’s Relentless Love

A metaphor for God's Grace!

A metaphor for God’s Grace!

I’m late posting this week because, on a whim, my husband and I took off a few days to go fly-fishing in the Great Smoky Mountains. We were blessed to rent the perfect cabin in the perfect place although I have no idea how I happened upon that particular booking via Internet. There are very few cabins setting right on a good trout stream and God winked and put us in one. He will do that, you know . . . and He can use anything to bless us. He’s that kind of Daddy and I wish I’d know that truth about Him my entire life because I’m certain I would have “skipped cancer” had I known how much He loves me.

But the cabin is not the subject of my post. Take a look at some of the photos I’m sharing in this post and wonder with me as I stood in those creeks with cold clear water swiftly moving by in countless breathtakingly beautiful swirls and falls and pools –wonder with me how the water supply remains so steady and profuse.

Order NOT Chaos

Order NOT Chaos

I would gently swing my rod and “throw” my fly pattern upstream a short distance. It would “dead drift” on top of the current in quite reliable ways amidst what many observers might consider to be chaos. And if I looked away for an instant, how did the fish know to take the fly just then adding even more thrill to the event? Soon I realized there was no chaos at all but great principles of hydraulics and quantum principles at work and if I put the fly in the same place twice (rarely unfortunately) it would drift predictably.

Where was all that water coming from so constantly and steadily and, in fact, exhilaratingly? Stand in a clear mountain creek and be very quiet and still, and Creation will literally sing to you and you will realize things about yourself and your God that you hadn’t considered for a very long time if ever. Further, you will see a demonstration of the very nature of the Creator and His perpetual demonstration of His grace. He could have drained water from high to low places on earth without making the process beautiful and reassuring, but He is the kind of Daddy who pours out His love in every single thing He Creates and sets in motion for His kids. He obviously enjoys thrilling us and, I think, surprising us by surpassing “necessity”.

Those rushing creeks demonstrate the constancy and consistency of God’s forgiveness, mercy, peace, joy, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and LOVE . . . His limitless GRACE. It cleans us inside and out. It heals us because we know Him and the power of His unconditional love. It tunes us to His everlasting frequency—the resonance of His entire Creation and every “song” His Son sings to hold it all together. (See Paul’s epistles and Hebrews).

The impact of the redemptive “work” of Jesus is as cleansing, perpetual, lavishing, and dependable as that rushing creek

Move WITH the Principles God set in place

Move WITH the Principles God set in place

water and even more beautiful. Let’s say it clearly and be healed: It is NOT our own worthiness, intelligence, works, righteousness, or effort but it is our embracing of Jesus Christ as our Savior and Healer and King and Shepherd and Friend that stands us in the waterfall of God’s unconditional love and mercy.

Being in that Grace changes our “want to” certainly. We slowly but surely “want to” please our loving Daddy God. Grace

comes before our own efforts not after. Did you get that? God’s unconditional Grace is a cause rather than a result of our living righteously. We can never be wholly righteous except “IN Jesus”. It is His robe of righteousness we can wear but we cannot earn that right by works and actions. It happens by submitting to Him in love knowing we are unworthy. Again, the creek can teach us this truth. Moving about in rushing waters (even fairly shallow ones) is a challenge. Moving with the current is possible. Moving against it is asking for trouble. Testing where you step before committing to the move is important. A good staff in your hand is quite helpful. Setting out impetuously gets us wet and messes up the pool of water for quite a while. Moving with Grace is pure joy! Creeks are great teachers because the Creator made them orderly not chaotic. Life is the same way.

God didn't have to make every detail beautiful, but He loves blessing us.

God didn’t have to make every detail beautiful, but He loves blessing us.

In this blog we consider a great deal of God’s Logos (written) and Rhema (spoken) Word; however, God speaks to us constantly within His Creation and we can know that we know that we know Him—Daddy God—surprising, thrilling, loving, forgiving, healing, providing. We cannot fully embrace the amazing nature of our God, but we can ALWAYS be present in that rushing stream and be completely immersed–resting in His saving Grace as though each of us were His “only child”. I couldn’t “see it with my mortal eyes”, but my spirit knew full well that I was really not standing in clear water but in water re-claimed and restored and pure because of a more powerful flow—the everlasting waterfall of the cleansing blood of our Lord. That rushing creek is beyond description but it is a mere metaphor for the Lord’s Grace.   God’s relentless love is our REAL HEALTH HOPE.

Hydration is Critical For Good Health


Hydration is the single most important element of good health because it facilitates all normal body functions.   “Bathe Daily” both inside and outside.

NOTE: This post is a direct excerpt from my book, Slam the Door on Cancer and Lock It Out of Your Life. This book is currently being discounted at www.amazon.com in both paperback and digital formats (Kindle).   The Kindle app is free for download and makes this format readable on tablets and smart phones as well as Kindle readers.   I have also matched the Amazon discounted price on my other website www.slamthedooroncancer.com .   I’ve discounted the exercise DVD as well.   I don’t know how long this discount will last so please check it out now. Some of my readers would like to gift this book to loved ones and now is a good time to do so.

Water For Life....Keep it flowing through your body to avoid stagnation.

Water For Life….Keep it flowing through your body to avoid disease causing stagnation.

In all my research, one of the most fascinating resources was Dr. F. Batmanghelidg, M.D.’s, Water for Health, for Healing, for Life. The tag line in the title is “You’re Not Sick, You’re THIRSTY!” Dr. “Batman” (his chosen nickname) spent his incarceration as an Iranian prisoner of war treating fellow inmates for stress related diseases. He kept careful records of his work so he could share his conclusions. The “take away” points of this book in our context include:

  1. 1.  “Dry mouth is not the only sign of dehydration.” 1 Don’t wait until you are thirsty to drink water. “It is now crystal clear that the human body has many different ways of showing its water needs.” 2  I list other signs of thirst later.
  1. Water is not only “life sustaining” but also “life giving” in its nature.   Water is not inert as Dr. Emoto’s crystals reveal; rather it holds within it far more cosmic truth than we have realized even though Scripture is rich with lessons regarding “living water”– lessons often interpreted too figuratively. Water constantly transports life-giving elements to every cell and transports life threatening toxins from every cell. We have seen in Emoto’s crystals, that it is somehow part of our soul as well as body. [You can see nice videos of Emoto’s water crystal experiments by searching www.Youtube.com and then “Masuru Emoto”]
  1. People are deceived “thinking that tea, coffee, alcohol, and manufactured beverages can substitute for the pure natural water needs of the body.”4 “Dr. Batman” says this assumption is “an elementary mistake, particularly in a body that is stressed. It is true that these beverages contain water, but most also contain dehydrating substances such as caffeine . . . ”when you drink coffee, tea, or even a beer, your body gets rid of more water than is contained in the drink.”  We know that only pure water contains oxygen and hydrogen, which is the only material in a beverage our blood and lymph fluid can use.
"Bathe Daily INSIDE as well as OUTSIDE with pure water.

“Bathe Daily INSIDE as well as OUTSIDE with pure water.

We must keep water “flowing” through our bodies constantly to avoid “stagnation”. Doctors Guyton and Hall, in The Textbook of Medical Physiology, 11th Ed., explain, “The kidneys must continually excrete at least some fluid, even in a dehydrated person, to rid the body of excess solutes that are ingested or produced by metabolism. Water is also lost by evaporation from the lungs and the gastrointestinal tract and by evaporation and sweating from the skin. Therefore, there is always a tendency for dehydration, with the resultant increased extracellular fluid sodium concentration.” Additionally there is a threshold for drinking at a certain sodium concentration in the extracellular fluid. “Water intake restores extracellular fluid osmolality (movement through membranes) and volume toward normal.” 6 Earlier, when we were discussing the various receptors on cell membranes, I mentioned that one of them was a pump requiring oxygen to generate energy. That pump relies on proper sodium concentration in the fluid between cells. “Dr. Batman” adds,

All living and growing species, humans included, survive as a result of energy generation from water.” 7

All Drinks are NOT Water

Media is packed with energy booster drinks hyped to overcome that “afternoon slump” capitalizing on the everyone-does-it lifestyle. Even the pink ribbon disease marketing campaign now participates in this health counterfeit. “Dr. Batman”, however, can save us some grief and money as he teaches regarding feeling tired without a plausible reason. He says, “Water is the main source of energy formation in the body. Even the food that is supposed to be a good source of energy has no value to the body until it is hydrolyzed by water and energized in the process.” 8   Until recently, car batteries required monitoring of their water level to keep the current flowing. Now they are “closed cell” so water is not lost. We saw in previous chapters that electrical energy generation at the cellular level is an essential life process. Guess what, we still have to monitor and maintain our body’s “battery” water level.   Pure water or liquid “Foo Foo Dust” for energy boost? No contest!

“Dr. Batman” also gives other body thirst signs such as unreasonable irritability, dejection, feelings of inadequacy, autoimmune maladies and depression.   He also discusses short attention span, quick temper, flushing, shortness of breath, cravings for manufactured beverages and alcohol, feeling “heavy headed” and disturbed sleep as “body thirst” signals.9 Many of these things are linked to acid/alkaline imbalance from dehydration triggered situations in the body such as loss of amino acids (proteins) and insufficient absorption or loss of certain minerals and the absolute need for essential vitamins and fatty acids.” 10 Nearly every book or study I’ve read points out that cancer thrives in an acidic body environment and even perpetuates that condition as it progresses.   Drs. Batman and Budwig compliment each other well.

How to Get the Water We Need?

 We need to drink about half our “body weight” in water per day in ounces. If I weigh 130 pounds, I need to drink a minimum 65 ounces (2+ quarts) of water per day and more if exercising because the average lost is 3.5 quarts per day. Water in vegetable juice counts. Water in fruit juice is so full of sugar without the buffering fiber of whole fruit it’s not recommended.   Fresh fruits and vegetables have good water content and that’s a bonus for me because I eat a lot of them but don’t count them in my water intake goal.   It is best to avoid foods that make us thirsty.

Bottled water? Some people find bottled natural spring water acceptable. I don’t like to drink anything that has spent a lot of time in plastic containers, and particularly if it may have spent time in hot temperatures such as a truck or rail car. I use a stainless steel portable water bottle and carry my filtered water with me.   Regarding purity of bottled water, Dr. Andrew Weil, M.D. cited a study done at the University of Iowa of 10 brands of bottled water showed “cancer causing contaminants in the store brands of several large retail chains at levels the same as those routinely found in tap water.” 11

Tap Water? Fluoride, Chlorine, discarded pharmaceutical residue, agricultural run off, and a few other issues exist in public water supplies. Refrigerator filter quality varies and I’ve seen none that filter out all the total dissolved solids in tap water. I’m not going to launch a technical discussion of how these toxins get into the water. Let me just say that the “city water” in my small rural community has a brand new treatment plant and my digital meter regularly reads between 175 and 250 total dissolved solids per the national standard unit of measure. This amount it acceptable by government standards – actually about average. I’d rather have water with a zero reading.

What do I do? In the first several years post cancer, I drank only distilled water processed from a countertop distiller. Yes, rock minerals are distilled out of water, but only plants can use those. We must get our minerals from those plants. A distiller uses more energy and time than I wanted to invest.

Now, I use a Zero Water Filter purchased online for about $50 which uses zero electricity to bring my water to zero “total dissolved solids” content. This filter and countertop reservoir comes with a digital meter to alert me to replace filter at a reading of 0.06. I spend about $50 per year on filter cartridges. It is a neat process.

Some people have whole house water filters or distillers. It is a personal choice and costs vary.   I have recently started using a hand-held shower head filter knowing our skin so readily absorbs what is in our bath water and I like to relax in the bath.

The next section on juicing fits closely with our discussion of drinking plenty of pure water because, while some may wonder about giving up bulky cellulose fiber in vegetables through juicing, we need to realize the benefit in picking up water “filtered and electrically balanced by nature itself”– particularly from organic vegetables.   Drinking fresh vegetable juice is like an “express delivery” of concentrated nutrients to every cell without taxing the digestive system in the process.

I have not transferred footnotes to this post but they are available in the book, Slam the Door on Cancer and Lock It Out of Your Life temporarily discounted at www.amazon.com and www.slamthedooroncancer.com .

Skin–“Our Second Mouth”

Fearing our life source is a real health issue.

Fearing our life source is a real health issue.

We can keep a great many toxins our of our bodies by considering our skin as a “second mouth” in the amount of substances that enter our bodies through that “portal”.    Our skin is our largest organ.  While it gets much attention regarding its appearance, it is little considered for its health unless it is injured.
However, just as our cell membranes are “on the front line” of our inner environment, our skin is on the front line of our outer environment. Our skin absorbs what we rub on it, pour on it, wash over it . . . you get the point. Yet, again, we don’t think a great deal about our skin’s
function. We just want it to be pretty and not hurt.

Certainly medical science is aware of the skin’s absorbing mechanisms because it now uses skin patches for delivery of many kinds of pharmaceuticals.   Skin patches are often used to deliver pharmaceuticals with varying degrees of impact both on skin and biochemistry.
Our skin has an essential function of absorbing solar electrons and photons from sunshine
and then our bodies use the products of that absorption to produce vitamin D.  For succinct details about the importance of REAL vitamin D as opposed to the steroid hormone produced in a lab and labeled “Vitamin D2 or D3, I refer you to  Shane Ellison (www.thepeopleschemist.com/blog) (search Vitamin D).  Ellison points out that ONLY exposure to the sun a minimum of 45 minutes 2 or 3 times a week (especially your belly or other large “patch” of skin) produces REAL vitamin D which is ESSENTIAL for health.    If you cannot get that exposure, he recommends a natural cod liver oil that DOES NOT (read the label) contain synthetic D2 or D3.  Nordic Naturals is a brand without that stealth hormone added.

Regarding toxicity of chemical sunscreens, I refer you to a wellpresentedreport on the chemicals in sunscreen and encourage you to consider our need forsunlight exposure on our skin and the risks of chemical sun blockers. I encourage you to make your own informed decisions. Our skin provides several square feet of absorbent surface;therefore, what we slather and spray on it is significant. Environmental Working Group linkhttp://www.ewg.org/2013sunscreen/the-trouble-with-sunscreen-chemicals/ provides a good chartof sunscreen chemicals.

Note:   The incidence of skin cancer increased with the advent of toxic sun blocker creams and lotions.

Note: The incidence of skin cancer increased with the advent of toxic sun blocker creams and lotions.

Considering care of our skin, there is yet another benefit of Dr. Johanna Budwig’s research (published in her book, Cancer the Problem and the Solution.  She is well known for taking over care of late stage cancer patients (in her native Germany) and restoring them to full health.  She notes that exposure to sunshine for a short time daily was a great part of the healing regimen.   In my book, Slam the Door on Cancer and Lock It Out of Your Life, available at www.amazon.com , I share a great deal about the protocol Dr. Budwig used including her flax oil/protein “diet”.  I credit her protocol as a very important element in my own healing process and still adhere to it through smoothies and salad dressings made from the flax oil and high sulfur proteins like yogurt and cottage cheese.
In addition, Dr. Budwig actually compounded what she termed “ELDI (Electron Differentiation) Oils” mixing 75% flax oil with 25% wheat germ oil. She applied this mixture to the skin of some of her patients –
particularly late stage cancer patients. She also sometimes used flax oil enemas for those
patients. All of Dr. Budwig’s flax oil treatment (including nutrition), she writes in the above cited book, brought
dramatic healing to her patients so that they could benefit from sunlight exposure.

Flax oil is not a major vitamin D source like cod liver oil; however, it is a source of solar photons and our body has these electron rich photons in every healthy cell.    We really are “the light of the world”.

I encourage you to be very aware of your “largest organ” or your skin and take care what you absorb through it.  I personally use some natural sunscreen products ONLY if I’m out in the direct sunlight without shade or sun protective clothing for more than an hour at a time.

If you do have damaged skin including aged skin, I encourage you to read Shane Ellison, M.S.’s book Over-the-Counter Natural Cures..  Chapter One is a wealth of information regarding skin restoration and care amongst other topics.  He also includes a chapter, “Avoid Cancer Now” that is available as a free pdf online.  I believe you will find it at several links if you search “Shane Ellison’s Avoid Cancer Now chapter”.


Thoughts on “The Real Thing” Regarding Cancer Fighting Substances

Delicious Green Tea and Green Tea Extract Supplements contain potent anti-cancer molecules.

Delicious Green Tea and Green Tea Extract Supplements contain potent anti-cancer molecules.

I was invited to forward the following few paragraphs and I am doing just that because it is from a resource I have found to be fastidiously sound over the years that I have been writing this blog.   Shane Ellison, www.thepeopleschemist.com is the writer and I have found him both candid and well-documented in his writing regarding nutritional truth.   If you don’t have his book, Over the Counter Natural Cures (recently updated), I highly recommend you get it.    Ellison is a former pharmaceutical chemist and something of a “whistle blower”.

The sad truth herein is how well known the action of certain molecules in green tea are regarding the curtailment and prevention of angiogenesis (blood vessel growth to feed tumor tissue) . . . so well known from solid research that the cancer industry is choosing to forego sharing this information with patients while it attempts to produce a  patentable and profitable “copy-cat version”.    Another sad truth is that seldom is a man-made version as complete and effective as the God-made original.     The same effort is being made for turmeric and other well-known “nutraceuticals” as I share in my book, Slam the Door on Cancer and Lock It Out of Your Life.

Here’s an interesting excerpt on the subject of Green Tea which is packed with specific cancer fighting substances.   I personally take a decaf green tea extract (725 mg 3 x daily) that I order from www.vitacost.com which is well standardized and economical.    There are several other brands that perform well also.

Potent Cancer Fighter Found at Your Grocery Store

Green tea’s cancer fighting ability has been well established in
both animal models and human trials. One mechanism by which
green tea fights cancer is by blocking the production of vascular
endothelial growth factor (VEGF) in our body. Doing so halts the
growth of tumors – a welcomed benefit to cancer victims.

The cogency of these studies ignited the Division of Cancer
Prevention at the National Cancer Institute (NCI) to invite
applications for grants to foster the identification of molecular
targets from green tea. Rather than promote the unpatentable
herb, these pharmaceutically compliant research houses are
working toward developing a “copycat” molecule.

“We may be able to develop new anti-cancer drugs based on the
structure of the EGCG molecule.” – Professor Roger Thornely, John
Innes Center in Norwich

A copycat molecule would afford patent rights to drug companies
who refuse to sell proven natural products at inexpensive costs.
They strive for monopolization – causing patients to trade wealth
for health. Keep it simple, obtain green tea from your grocery
store and drink it daily to ward off cancer.

Our Creator has blessed us with health building molecules in the foods He provides.   I encourage you to eat a diet high in raw organic plant-based foods.    As your health improves, you will have enormous energy and feel wonderful.    That’s certainly been my personal experience.   Health, after all, is THE CURE for cancer.   I get no “kick-back” from Shane Ellison or “The People’s Chemist”, but I do personally use his “Daily Dose” and “Cinnergy” supplements and they have served me well.   The first contains turmeric and the second contains real cinnamon and milk thistle.    I’ve used ImmuneRX  to successfully stave off viral and bacterial attacks and I use CardioRX daily because I once took a prescription drug for a heart arrhythmia (no more!).    Please be sure to do your own research on these products.   I am not endorsing them but simply making you aware of some things that have helped me.

What’s the First Step In Facing Down Cancer?

land mine cartoonIn communicating with readers, I find the most critical challenge of dealing with cancer (or any disease) is the “first step”.  ALL the remaining steps depend on it.

Diagnosing “experts” can only disclose what they see as “facts” from certain data.  Assuming these same experts can immediately prescribe your best choices for dealing with the “disclosed facts” is not necessarily a correct assumption.   In such cases you are likely to receive advice based on a “one size fits all statistically based protocol” perhaps with an added “dose of fear” that makes a quick decision seem to be your best first choice.  Fear is never a healthy motivator.  

What, then, is the healthy “first step” in Facing Down Cancer?  It is prayer–personal and private conversation with God.  “One size fits all” prayer is little better than “one size fits all treatment”.  So running from a doctor’s office to a church office to get your name on a prayer list is not what I mean.  This is not a time to make any moves without the counsel of Holy Spirit who WILL show you EXACTLY where to step.

 I would encourage you to be very cautious who you share your information with until you have a release (within your spirit) from God to do so.  You do NOT want sympathy because sympathy is negative energy and it feeds wounds in your soul that could be at the very root of your health issue.   Sympathy plants negative (toxic) thoughts that undermine faith by feeding fear.   Jesus, Himself, never expressed sympathy but always compassion because, as He said many times, “I only do what I see the Father doing”.   In every case, God demonstrated His desire to see the “needy person” fully healed and whole– and they were in EVERY CASE!   Compassion always does something positive to help overcome the problem.

Does it not make sense to ask God who to share your “facts” with and how to do that sharing before you do so?  I strongly urge you to avoid posting your situation on social media or in emailers hoping for some sort of overwhelming force to muscle God into doing what you haven’t even dialogued with Him about.   Let God “drive this bus” from the moment you step onto it–from the moment you sense the first “twinge” of enemy attack.    I use those terms because cancer, like all disease, is from the enemy.    It is NEVER from God.    If you have the slightest belief that it is from God, your prayer is totally undermined because it’s nearly impossible to ask God to change something you doubt He wants changed.   If you are in a church and the leadership teaches that disease can be punishment from God or that “God can’t or won’t heal everyone.”; then, I urge you to find spiritual leadership that follows the truth regarding healing and health.

How, then, do you take that first step–private and personal prayer?  Regardless of your level of faith; your past “right or wrong living per your own opinion”; your hours logged in a church pew; your knowledge of the Bible; your donations to charity; or anything else in your past or present, God has not moved away from His absolute love for you.  Therefore, you start where you are and you get quiet in your spirit and soul.  Your body will follow and calm down as well.    Then, simply talk to God saying what is in your heart and be honest because He knows you already and has waited for this moment.   Do NOT let the enemy into the conversation saying things to make you feel guilty or unworthy or hypocritical or whatever.

This prayer is NOT “let’s make a deal”.    This prayer is about God’s promises to His children.   If you are not a “card carrying member of God’s family or if you think you are the worst prodigal child God ever had, God is ready, willing and able to set you a place at the family supper table right now.    You cannot do a single thing to become worthy and there is not another human being who can do that either.    None are worthy except for one thing–receive the Lord Jesus into your heart so that He can hoist that burden off your shoulders.   If you have received Christ, then it’s a matter of becoming a “believing believer” which means running to his waiting embrace.     Many of us haven’t had loving earthly parents in our lives or we’ve had parents who did their best but we feel like we’ve somehow let them down.    God is THE loving parent and He NEVER lets us down nor condemns us for falling short of what we think it takes to be His beloved.

This prayer is approaching God with an open heart and open ears.    If we are honestly open to conversation with God, there is no limit to how He can communicate with us.   He may use dreams.  He may speak with a still small voice we “hear” in our spirits.   He may speak in what truly seems “audible”.    He may provide “signs” if we ask for them.    God has a plan for you….for each of us…..and longs for us to ask Him to reveal it step by step.  I caution you to let God move in His own pace for you; however, I urge you to stay in constant “touch” with your heart open and your spiritual antennae turned on.    I don’t know if you’ve read my book, Slam the Door on Cancer, or not but I share my own story of being distant from God for decades prior to cancer attacking my pancreas and surrounding area.   God met me where I was (not a good place) and walked me through a “connect the dots” adventure of healing neither I nor my husband (a physician) could have ever planned without God’s involvement.

Without question, the first step in facing down cancer is prayer–private, intimate, personal, honest conversation with God–regardless of where you are in your faith or your life.  










Is Disease Really as Random as We Think?

People fear the seemingly random nature of cancer.  Too often we hear remarks like, “with my luck I’ll have that ‘cancer gene’.”  I am sharing this post I wrote for my www.slamthedooroncancer.com blog quite some time ago.  It not only applies to cancer but to most other dreaded diseases.

Real answers are easier than we often think.....and we are not random victims.

Real answers are easier than we often think…..and we are not random victims.

Allow me to share a question that Dr. T. Colin Campbell, PhD, poses in his book, Whole, in which he examines (in lay terms) both research findings and observations from a long career as a research biologist. Campbell is also author of The China Study in which he shares his personal participation in uncovering surprising information about the cause of disease–not only focusing on cancer but certainly recognizing its significance.   Campbell distills the behemoth cancer issue into a profound statement:

“What we really want from science is an end to the randomness . . . We want to know how to protect ourselves against the scourges that have names on them. We want, in short, to banish unpredictability.”

Dr. Campbell gives great insight into the way science has moved in the “war on disease–spotlighting cancer” and helps us see that the approach has been what is often termed “reductionism”. Scientists all working feverishly in highly focused fields that reduce the human organism into countless parts (hardly ever stepping back to consider the whole complex organism with the millions of inherent chemical and electrical interactions) while also reducing “diseases” into a seemingly infinite number of “kinds of kinds”. I discuss in Slam the Door on Cancer the absurdity of the term “kind of cancer” because that term only identifies where a systemic disease happened to manifest in a particular body rarely if ever considering the cause of the occurrance.

The “reductionist scientific focus” has been, as Campbell points out, “just about there” for 40+ years with the implication that more money and more “awareness” will push us over the edge to that big “cure” breakthrough. The “breakthrough of the moment”, often announced in perfect timing with campaigns to raise money, never seems to pan out so we pin more ribbons on our lapels and write more checks without really stopping to question how the money is being used. For example, a recent “hot pursuit” has been in the genetics field where as Campbell says, a new age of reductionist enlightenment sees genes as human software to be tweaked. However, he points out that this line of reasoning has a basic flaw because genes tell us what MAY happen but not IF or HOW. The “customized drugs” geneticists dream of, Campbell points out, “may help 0.01% of the population who suffer from rare conditions brought on by faulty genes, but it won’t solve the basic problem of our society’s failing health.”

In my own experience, as shared in my book, after using up my “second strike” against cancer, I could no longer take my signals from the reductionist theory of “modern medicine” that I had long accepted as legitimately orthodox.

I had to do for myself what we really want science to do for us–indeed what we have been investing in and waiting for science to accomplish for a very long time.

I had to find out why I happened to be what both science and society would consider “a random victim of cancer”.

My return to health is no more random than my being attacked by cancer. My healing is a result of realizing the cause and reversing the impact of that cause on my body. Did it have anything to do with my DNA? Yes! Did I need geneticists “engineering” my genes to recover my healing? No!   I had to realize first that God was “for me” in this situation and then I had to co-labor with Him–my loving Creator.

Am I saying that plain old garden variety, everyday people, regardless of their level of formal education, can actually do things that impact their genes (and ultimately their health) without drugs and procedures and test tube magic? Absolutely!…..and we had better focus our awareness on doing just that because, if we give the “cancer industry” another 40+ years and many more billions of dollars, it might be too late because the seemingly random incidence of cancer is gaining momentum.

Think of the high paying jobs that would be lost and the impact on “the economy” if the steady supply of “random victims of cancer” was cut off. . . .

Controlling our own genes and, thereby, our own health isn’t “rocket science”. The best selling book in the world (the Bible) has a lot of practical information in it — real positive examples and information rather than “secret codes” or guilt consciousness. And there is amazing science opening up particularly in the realm of quantum mechanics that is often ignored because it doesn’t lead to highly profitable patented products. Turns out the Bible and science agree and the result is health whenever we focus on the truth and facts of health rather than keeping our energy focused within the realm disease.

There is a highly enjoyable way to live that makes our body-minds absolutely inhospitable to disease like cancer. Both prevention and reversal of “the disease state” are accomplished with this empowering lifestyle. I hope you read Slam the Door on Cancer . . . and lock it out of your life. And visit this blog and www.slamthedooroncancer.com  often because I believe you will be both informed and empowered.

Help Balance Your Fatty Acids With Avocados

Balancing your fatty acid intake is absolutely critical for health and avocados can be a great help.

Avocados are a Tremendous "Health Food"

Avocados are a Tremendous “Health Food”

The “Standard American Diet” is SADly over-balanced toward Omega 6 Fatty acids. Unfortunately, we need our fatty acid intake to be about 50-50 Omega 6 and Omega 3 Fatty Acids.   It is a health wrecking myth that the answer to losing weight is eating a “low fat diet”. Fatty acids are the major component of the membranes of our 100 trillion cells (all of which are replacing themselves regularly), and that makes them a “raw material” our bodies need to be constantly supplied if “spent” body cells are to be replaced with healthy ones.

In my book, Slam the Door on Cancer and Lock It Out of Your Life, I expand this subject with a discussion of the “Budwig Anti-Cancer Protocol” which uses flax oil with high sulfur proteins like cottage cheese or yogurt. However, here let’s focus on one delicious raw food source of Omega 3 Fatty Acids—Avocados.

Avocados are calorie dense so they calorie content is significant with ½ cup of puried avocados providing about 240 calories. Counting calories is highly over-rated as a weight loss mainstay if we aren’t getting the nutrients we need, so moderation is a key here. But there are few good sources of Omega 3 Fatty Acids available today.

The USDA Nutrient Database says ½ cup puried avocado (about one medium avocado) has 19.9 grams of total fat, 3.1 grams of fiber, and only 8 grams of carbohydrates. Avocados give us all 18 essential amino acids and zero cholesterol (cholesterol comes from animal products). They are delicious and appetite satiating and versatile in recipes such as dips, salads, sandwiches, smoothies, etc.

[A study published in the “Canadian Medical Association Journal” disclosed that a vegetarian diet that includes HDL-promoting fats can slash LDS or “bad cholesterol” levels as effectively as statin drugs.] Obviously the dreaded statin ‘side effects’ would also be avoided.

Avocados are packed with carotenoids (beta-carotene, lutein, vitamin A) and other immune system boosters—and these nutrients are in a readily useable form.

Countless studies have shown inflammation to be the hotbed for disease development and avocados provide anti-inflammatory nutrients as well. Besides the carotenoids mentioned above, this delicious food provides plenty of vitamin C, vitamin E, selenium, zinc, phytosterols, and (as mentioned earlier) critical and hard to obtain Omega 3 Fatty Acids. In Slam the Door on Cancer, there is further explanation of the importance of curbing inflammation to avoid diseases like cancer, heart disease, arthritis, and many others.

I particularly recommend (and personally enjoy) a smoothie that is very helpful for cancer patients and those

A delicious way to have a delicious portable meal or snack.  Eat a few nuts or crackers with a smoothie because chewing is part of digestion

A delicious way to have a delicious portable meal or snack. Eat a few nuts or crackers also because chewing aids digestion.

who have “slammed the door on cancer”.   This smoothie includes a handful of organic baby spinach, about ¼ cup of organic strawberries and blueberries (frozen helps froth the smoothie), sometimes a slice of peach or mango, one nice avocado, and coconut water to fill in the spaces.   Sometimes a drop or two of Stevia is used to taste.


I believe avocados filled a hole in my own nutrition that helped me put pancreatic cancer behind me years ago. I never ate avocados before cancer; however they are a nearly daily mainstay for me now because I want to make sure I “send in the raw materials to build healthy and intelligent cell membranes” as I replace my 100 trillion body cells on a regular basis.    Manufacturers need the proper raw materials “just in time” and a daily diet filled with cell building nutrients is essential for our own body’s “manufacturing processes”.

Visit my website:  www.slamthedooroncancer.com

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Healthy Body Cells Don’t Become Cancerous

DNA depiction

DNA is the “blueprint for cellular replication” so respecting our DNA in our lifestyle is a critical means of avoiding cancer

Not only do healthy body cells not become cancerous, but rogue cells in a healthy body usually do not become cancerous because of built in mechanisms that kill them off.     Physically mature adults have a total of about 100 trillion body cells. We replace cells at various rates depending upon the type and location. Skin cells reproduce very rapidly as do some cells in our digestive tract.   We have a “say” in the quality of the replacement cells.


Our DNA (unique genetic pattern) is like a blueprint for the new cells and replacement cells.   DNA can be damaged by lifestyle such as habitual sleep deficit, tobacco use, certain environmental and industrial toxin intake, nutrient deficiencies, prescription drugs, illicit drugs, certain rogue microbes or viruses, and persistent or intense mental/emotional stressors.   The science of Epigenetics (literally meaning “above genetics”) is disclosing specific links between lifestyle and genetic changes.


A cancer cell can result from improper replication of cells in various body tissues IF the “genetic blueprint” for one or more cells is altered or damaged.   This abnormal cell may or may not become a tumor cell.   If it does, it will replicate without fulfilling it’s “job description” within the tissue where it “lives”.   It will be a freeloader and may (if it is not stopped by built in protective systems inside a healthy body) and eventually invade surrounding tissue.   These cancer cells can trick the body to grow blood vessels toward it and can starve out the rest of the body.


A great many of these rogue cells occur but a low percentage go rogue successfully because, as mentioned earlier, the body has built-in mechanisms to make these bad cells “commit suicide” before they enter their rapid replication process. If cell suicide does not occur, then a healthy body’s immune system attacks them before they can make themselves invisible to that system. So cancer cells are unlikely if not impossible in a truly healthy body. As Henry W. Wright says in his best selling book, A More Excellent Way to Be in Health, “a healthy cell cannot become cancerous.”.   Ruth Sackman, in her well researched book, Re-Thinking Cancer, indicates that cancer is more a symptom of ill-health than a disease in and of itself.


Shane Ellison, MS, former pharmaceutical chemist and author of what a fantastic book entitled, Over the Counter Natural Cures, says “All cancer is normal cellular process that only leads to death when cells fail to commit suicide in response to some type of DNA damage. Ensuring proper cell suicide is ensuring that you don’t suffer from cancer.”


Obviously it makes sense to maintain physical and emotional health because, as I discuss at length in my book, Slam the Door on Cancer, the mind(emotion)/body connection is scientifically irrefutable and cannot be ignored regarding our health.   In the book, I also consider some other factors regarding the mind/body connection—factors nearly always ignored by allopathic (orthodox) medicine as well as by the faith-based community.


To avoid cancer it is critical to care for our DNA through healthy living (diet, sleep, water, sunshine, words, thoughts, etc.) . Additionally, we can supplement our diets, although not overcome a persistently poor diet or destructive habits, with some potent molecules found in foods and spices.

Our ancestors knew the medicinal qualities of garlic and science has recently rediscovered the health values of this tasty food

Our ancestors knew the medicinal qualities of garlic and science has recently rediscovered the health values of this tasty food


Below, I share a list of the foods rich in the molecules (nutraceuticals) that particularly boost “cell suicide” or “apoptosis” of rogue cells.   These also support the body’s production of NK cells or “Natural Killer Cells” that miraculously search out and destroy cancer or potential cancer cells.



Vegetables and fruits that stimulate apoptosis:

Cruciferous Vegetables (Cabbage, Cauliflower, Broccoli, Brussels Sprouts, etc)

Soy (Fresh broccoli sprouts can be grown in a glass jar for handy inexpensive nutrients.)

Bright colored vegetables and fruits rich in carotenoids like: carrots, yams, squash, pumpkins,

tomatoes, persimmons, apricots, beets. (Beets are very high in sugar and should be used in moderation. They are also mostly GMO so use caution in selecting your sources.)

Mushrooms such as shiitake, maitake, enokidake, cremini, portobello, oyster

Sea Vegetables such as NORI, kelp, dulse, kombu, wakame, arame (can be bought dried and sprinkled on foods in lieu of salt).

Go to this website for a more complete list of anti-cancer nutraceutical foods:


Spices that stimulate apoptosis:

Basil, Dill, Fennel, GARLIC, GINGER, Horseradish, Peppermint, Mustard seed, Nutmeg,

Paprika, Parsley, Red Pepper, ROSEMARY, Saffron, Sesame Seed, Thyme.

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NOTE: Those in all capital letters are particularly potent.