What’s the First Step In Facing Down Cancer?

land mine cartoonIn communicating with readers, I find the most critical challenge of dealing with cancer (or any disease) is the “first step”.  ALL the remaining steps depend on it.

Diagnosing “experts” can only disclose what they see as “facts” from certain data.  Assuming these same experts can immediately prescribe your best choices for dealing with the “disclosed facts” is not necessarily a correct assumption.   In such cases you are likely to receive advice based on a “one size fits all statistically based protocol” perhaps with an added “dose of fear” that makes a quick decision seem to be your best first choice.  Fear is never a healthy motivator.  

What, then, is the healthy “first step” in Facing Down Cancer?  It is prayer–personal and private conversation with God.  “One size fits all” prayer is little better than “one size fits all treatment”.  So running from a doctor’s office to a church office to get your name on a prayer list is not what I mean.  This is not a time to make any moves without the counsel of Holy Spirit who WILL show you EXACTLY where to step.

 I would encourage you to be very cautious who you share your information with until you have a release (within your spirit) from God to do so.  You do NOT want sympathy because sympathy is negative energy and it feeds wounds in your soul that could be at the very root of your health issue.   Sympathy plants negative (toxic) thoughts that undermine faith by feeding fear.   Jesus, Himself, never expressed sympathy but always compassion because, as He said many times, “I only do what I see the Father doing”.   In every case, God demonstrated His desire to see the “needy person” fully healed and whole– and they were in EVERY CASE!   Compassion always does something positive to help overcome the problem.

Does it not make sense to ask God who to share your “facts” with and how to do that sharing before you do so?  I strongly urge you to avoid posting your situation on social media or in emailers hoping for some sort of overwhelming force to muscle God into doing what you haven’t even dialogued with Him about.   Let God “drive this bus” from the moment you step onto it–from the moment you sense the first “twinge” of enemy attack.    I use those terms because cancer, like all disease, is from the enemy.    It is NEVER from God.    If you have the slightest belief that it is from God, your prayer is totally undermined because it’s nearly impossible to ask God to change something you doubt He wants changed.   If you are in a church and the leadership teaches that disease can be punishment from God or that “God can’t or won’t heal everyone.”; then, I urge you to find spiritual leadership that follows the truth regarding healing and health.

How, then, do you take that first step–private and personal prayer?  Regardless of your level of faith; your past “right or wrong living per your own opinion”; your hours logged in a church pew; your knowledge of the Bible; your donations to charity; or anything else in your past or present, God has not moved away from His absolute love for you.  Therefore, you start where you are and you get quiet in your spirit and soul.  Your body will follow and calm down as well.    Then, simply talk to God saying what is in your heart and be honest because He knows you already and has waited for this moment.   Do NOT let the enemy into the conversation saying things to make you feel guilty or unworthy or hypocritical or whatever.

This prayer is NOT “let’s make a deal”.    This prayer is about God’s promises to His children.   If you are not a “card carrying member of God’s family or if you think you are the worst prodigal child God ever had, God is ready, willing and able to set you a place at the family supper table right now.    You cannot do a single thing to become worthy and there is not another human being who can do that either.    None are worthy except for one thing–receive the Lord Jesus into your heart so that He can hoist that burden off your shoulders.   If you have received Christ, then it’s a matter of becoming a “believing believer” which means running to his waiting embrace.     Many of us haven’t had loving earthly parents in our lives or we’ve had parents who did their best but we feel like we’ve somehow let them down.    God is THE loving parent and He NEVER lets us down nor condemns us for falling short of what we think it takes to be His beloved.

This prayer is approaching God with an open heart and open ears.    If we are honestly open to conversation with God, there is no limit to how He can communicate with us.   He may use dreams.  He may speak with a still small voice we “hear” in our spirits.   He may speak in what truly seems “audible”.    He may provide “signs” if we ask for them.    God has a plan for you….for each of us…..and longs for us to ask Him to reveal it step by step.  I caution you to let God move in His own pace for you; however, I urge you to stay in constant “touch” with your heart open and your spiritual antennae turned on.    I don’t know if you’ve read my book, Slam the Door on Cancer, or not but I share my own story of being distant from God for decades prior to cancer attacking my pancreas and surrounding area.   God met me where I was (not a good place) and walked me through a “connect the dots” adventure of healing neither I nor my husband (a physician) could have ever planned without God’s involvement.

Without question, the first step in facing down cancer is prayer–private, intimate, personal, honest conversation with God–regardless of where you are in your faith or your life.  










Is Disease Really as Random as We Think?

People fear the seemingly random nature of cancer.  Too often we hear remarks like, “with my luck I’ll have that ‘cancer gene’.”  I am sharing this post I wrote for my www.slamthedooroncancer.com blog quite some time ago.  It not only applies to cancer but to most other dreaded diseases.

Real answers are easier than we often think.....and we are not random victims.

Real answers are easier than we often think…..and we are not random victims.

Allow me to share a question that Dr. T. Colin Campbell, PhD, poses in his book, Whole, in which he examines (in lay terms) both research findings and observations from a long career as a research biologist. Campbell is also author of The China Study in which he shares his personal participation in uncovering surprising information about the cause of disease–not only focusing on cancer but certainly recognizing its significance.   Campbell distills the behemoth cancer issue into a profound statement:

“What we really want from science is an end to the randomness . . . We want to know how to protect ourselves against the scourges that have names on them. We want, in short, to banish unpredictability.”

Dr. Campbell gives great insight into the way science has moved in the “war on disease–spotlighting cancer” and helps us see that the approach has been what is often termed “reductionism”. Scientists all working feverishly in highly focused fields that reduce the human organism into countless parts (hardly ever stepping back to consider the whole complex organism with the millions of inherent chemical and electrical interactions) while also reducing “diseases” into a seemingly infinite number of “kinds of kinds”. I discuss in Slam the Door on Cancer the absurdity of the term “kind of cancer” because that term only identifies where a systemic disease happened to manifest in a particular body rarely if ever considering the cause of the occurrance.

The “reductionist scientific focus” has been, as Campbell points out, “just about there” for 40+ years with the implication that more money and more “awareness” will push us over the edge to that big “cure” breakthrough. The “breakthrough of the moment”, often announced in perfect timing with campaigns to raise money, never seems to pan out so we pin more ribbons on our lapels and write more checks without really stopping to question how the money is being used. For example, a recent “hot pursuit” has been in the genetics field where as Campbell says, a new age of reductionist enlightenment sees genes as human software to be tweaked. However, he points out that this line of reasoning has a basic flaw because genes tell us what MAY happen but not IF or HOW. The “customized drugs” geneticists dream of, Campbell points out, “may help 0.01% of the population who suffer from rare conditions brought on by faulty genes, but it won’t solve the basic problem of our society’s failing health.”

In my own experience, as shared in my book, after using up my “second strike” against cancer, I could no longer take my signals from the reductionist theory of “modern medicine” that I had long accepted as legitimately orthodox.

I had to do for myself what we really want science to do for us–indeed what we have been investing in and waiting for science to accomplish for a very long time.

I had to find out why I happened to be what both science and society would consider “a random victim of cancer”.

My return to health is no more random than my being attacked by cancer. My healing is a result of realizing the cause and reversing the impact of that cause on my body. Did it have anything to do with my DNA? Yes! Did I need geneticists “engineering” my genes to recover my healing? No!   I had to realize first that God was “for me” in this situation and then I had to co-labor with Him–my loving Creator.

Am I saying that plain old garden variety, everyday people, regardless of their level of formal education, can actually do things that impact their genes (and ultimately their health) without drugs and procedures and test tube magic? Absolutely!…..and we had better focus our awareness on doing just that because, if we give the “cancer industry” another 40+ years and many more billions of dollars, it might be too late because the seemingly random incidence of cancer is gaining momentum.

Think of the high paying jobs that would be lost and the impact on “the economy” if the steady supply of “random victims of cancer” was cut off. . . .

Controlling our own genes and, thereby, our own health isn’t “rocket science”. The best selling book in the world (the Bible) has a lot of practical information in it — real positive examples and information rather than “secret codes” or guilt consciousness. And there is amazing science opening up particularly in the realm of quantum mechanics that is often ignored because it doesn’t lead to highly profitable patented products. Turns out the Bible and science agree and the result is health whenever we focus on the truth and facts of health rather than keeping our energy focused within the realm disease.

There is a highly enjoyable way to live that makes our body-minds absolutely inhospitable to disease like cancer. Both prevention and reversal of “the disease state” are accomplished with this empowering lifestyle. I hope you read Slam the Door on Cancer . . . and lock it out of your life. And visit this blog and www.slamthedooroncancer.com  often because I believe you will be both informed and empowered.

Help Balance Your Fatty Acids With Avocados

Balancing your fatty acid intake is absolutely critical for health and avocados can be a great help.

Avocados are a Tremendous "Health Food"

Avocados are a Tremendous “Health Food”

The “Standard American Diet” is SADly over-balanced toward Omega 6 Fatty acids. Unfortunately, we need our fatty acid intake to be about 50-50 Omega 6 and Omega 3 Fatty Acids.   It is a health wrecking myth that the answer to losing weight is eating a “low fat diet”. Fatty acids are the major component of the membranes of our 100 trillion cells (all of which are replacing themselves regularly), and that makes them a “raw material” our bodies need to be constantly supplied if “spent” body cells are to be replaced with healthy ones.

In my book, Slam the Door on Cancer and Lock It Out of Your Life, I expand this subject with a discussion of the “Budwig Anti-Cancer Protocol” which uses flax oil with high sulfur proteins like cottage cheese or yogurt. However, here let’s focus on one delicious raw food source of Omega 3 Fatty Acids—Avocados.

Avocados are calorie dense so they calorie content is significant with ½ cup of puried avocados providing about 240 calories. Counting calories is highly over-rated as a weight loss mainstay if we aren’t getting the nutrients we need, so moderation is a key here. But there are few good sources of Omega 3 Fatty Acids available today.

The USDA Nutrient Database says ½ cup puried avocado (about one medium avocado) has 19.9 grams of total fat, 3.1 grams of fiber, and only 8 grams of carbohydrates. Avocados give us all 18 essential amino acids and zero cholesterol (cholesterol comes from animal products). They are delicious and appetite satiating and versatile in recipes such as dips, salads, sandwiches, smoothies, etc.

[A study published in the “Canadian Medical Association Journal” disclosed that a vegetarian diet that includes HDL-promoting fats can slash LDS or “bad cholesterol” levels as effectively as statin drugs.] Obviously the dreaded statin ‘side effects’ would also be avoided.

Avocados are packed with carotenoids (beta-carotene, lutein, vitamin A) and other immune system boosters—and these nutrients are in a readily useable form.

Countless studies have shown inflammation to be the hotbed for disease development and avocados provide anti-inflammatory nutrients as well. Besides the carotenoids mentioned above, this delicious food provides plenty of vitamin C, vitamin E, selenium, zinc, phytosterols, and (as mentioned earlier) critical and hard to obtain Omega 3 Fatty Acids. In Slam the Door on Cancer, there is further explanation of the importance of curbing inflammation to avoid diseases like cancer, heart disease, arthritis, and many others.

I particularly recommend (and personally enjoy) a smoothie that is very helpful for cancer patients and those

A delicious way to have a delicious portable meal or snack.  Eat a few nuts or crackers with a smoothie because chewing is part of digestion

A delicious way to have a delicious portable meal or snack. Eat a few nuts or crackers also because chewing aids digestion.

who have “slammed the door on cancer”.   This smoothie includes a handful of organic baby spinach, about ¼ cup of organic strawberries and blueberries (frozen helps froth the smoothie), sometimes a slice of peach or mango, one nice avocado, and coconut water to fill in the spaces.   Sometimes a drop or two of Stevia is used to taste.


I believe avocados filled a hole in my own nutrition that helped me put pancreatic cancer behind me years ago. I never ate avocados before cancer; however they are a nearly daily mainstay for me now because I want to make sure I “send in the raw materials to build healthy and intelligent cell membranes” as I replace my 100 trillion body cells on a regular basis.    Manufacturers need the proper raw materials “just in time” and a daily diet filled with cell building nutrients is essential for our own body’s “manufacturing processes”.

Visit my website:  www.slamthedooroncancer.com

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Healthy Body Cells Don’t Become Cancerous

DNA depiction

DNA is the “blueprint for cellular replication” so respecting our DNA in our lifestyle is a critical means of avoiding cancer

Not only do healthy body cells not become cancerous, but rogue cells in a healthy body usually do not become cancerous because of built in mechanisms that kill them off.     Physically mature adults have a total of about 100 trillion body cells. We replace cells at various rates depending upon the type and location. Skin cells reproduce very rapidly as do some cells in our digestive tract.   We have a “say” in the quality of the replacement cells.


Our DNA (unique genetic pattern) is like a blueprint for the new cells and replacement cells.   DNA can be damaged by lifestyle such as habitual sleep deficit, tobacco use, certain environmental and industrial toxin intake, nutrient deficiencies, prescription drugs, illicit drugs, certain rogue microbes or viruses, and persistent or intense mental/emotional stressors.   The science of Epigenetics (literally meaning “above genetics”) is disclosing specific links between lifestyle and genetic changes.


A cancer cell can result from improper replication of cells in various body tissues IF the “genetic blueprint” for one or more cells is altered or damaged.   This abnormal cell may or may not become a tumor cell.   If it does, it will replicate without fulfilling it’s “job description” within the tissue where it “lives”.   It will be a freeloader and may (if it is not stopped by built in protective systems inside a healthy body) and eventually invade surrounding tissue.   These cancer cells can trick the body to grow blood vessels toward it and can starve out the rest of the body.


A great many of these rogue cells occur but a low percentage go rogue successfully because, as mentioned earlier, the body has built-in mechanisms to make these bad cells “commit suicide” before they enter their rapid replication process. If cell suicide does not occur, then a healthy body’s immune system attacks them before they can make themselves invisible to that system. So cancer cells are unlikely if not impossible in a truly healthy body. As Henry W. Wright says in his best selling book, A More Excellent Way to Be in Health, “a healthy cell cannot become cancerous.”.   Ruth Sackman, in her well researched book, Re-Thinking Cancer, indicates that cancer is more a symptom of ill-health than a disease in and of itself.


Shane Ellison, MS, former pharmaceutical chemist and author of what a fantastic book entitled, Over the Counter Natural Cures, says “All cancer is normal cellular process that only leads to death when cells fail to commit suicide in response to some type of DNA damage. Ensuring proper cell suicide is ensuring that you don’t suffer from cancer.”


Obviously it makes sense to maintain physical and emotional health because, as I discuss at length in my book, Slam the Door on Cancer, the mind(emotion)/body connection is scientifically irrefutable and cannot be ignored regarding our health.   In the book, I also consider some other factors regarding the mind/body connection—factors nearly always ignored by allopathic (orthodox) medicine as well as by the faith-based community.


To avoid cancer it is critical to care for our DNA through healthy living (diet, sleep, water, sunshine, words, thoughts, etc.) . Additionally, we can supplement our diets, although not overcome a persistently poor diet or destructive habits, with some potent molecules found in foods and spices.

Our ancestors knew the medicinal qualities of garlic and science has recently rediscovered the health values of this tasty food

Our ancestors knew the medicinal qualities of garlic and science has recently rediscovered the health values of this tasty food


Below, I share a list of the foods rich in the molecules (nutraceuticals) that particularly boost “cell suicide” or “apoptosis” of rogue cells.   These also support the body’s production of NK cells or “Natural Killer Cells” that miraculously search out and destroy cancer or potential cancer cells.



Vegetables and fruits that stimulate apoptosis:

Cruciferous Vegetables (Cabbage, Cauliflower, Broccoli, Brussels Sprouts, etc)

Soy (Fresh broccoli sprouts can be grown in a glass jar for handy inexpensive nutrients.)

Bright colored vegetables and fruits rich in carotenoids like: carrots, yams, squash, pumpkins,

tomatoes, persimmons, apricots, beets. (Beets are very high in sugar and should be used in moderation. They are also mostly GMO so use caution in selecting your sources.)

Mushrooms such as shiitake, maitake, enokidake, cremini, portobello, oyster

Sea Vegetables such as NORI, kelp, dulse, kombu, wakame, arame (can be bought dried and sprinkled on foods in lieu of salt).

Go to this website for a more complete list of anti-cancer nutraceutical foods:


Spices that stimulate apoptosis:

Basil, Dill, Fennel, GARLIC, GINGER, Horseradish, Peppermint, Mustard seed, Nutmeg,

Paprika, Parsley, Red Pepper, ROSEMARY, Saffron, Sesame Seed, Thyme.

Visit this link for more anti-cancer spice nutraceuticals:


NOTE: Those in all capital letters are particularly potent.

All Healing is Miraculous

All healing is miraculous.   We see it shortly after birth when the umbilical cord heals and drops off.  We see it as children with our first skinned knee.  We see it every day of our lives and yet we seriously doubt our innate ability to heal from “disease”.  “Medicine” is not a healer….it can be an emergency mechanism to hold status quo or improve status quo until the body’s innate healing mechanisms can “kick in”.   A surgeon can remove tissue and sow us back up, but he or she cannot actually make the remaining wounded tissue heal.   But we do heal and we take it for granted.

On the other hand, many of us default to counting on and crediting “medicine” with healing.   I hope you will watch the short video here to gain a more powerful perspective and to be encouraged.

Here, I want to share an excerpt from some conversations I had regarding empowering perspectives we can have facing disease.    How we see ourselves and the challenges a critical illness throws into our path.   I hope you will visit my online television page at www.gve-tv.com/Jacquie_Woodward where there are 18 short videos and some other videos I hope will encourage you.   I am NOT selling anything in any of these short videos.  They are meant to encourage and inform.   We overcome by the blood of the Lamb and the word of our testimony.

When I was battling cancer, I was emboldened by the testimonies of others who had kicked cancer’s butt.  I wasn’t looking for “temporary victory” as I saw in the word, “remission”.   I was looking for and found full blown health.  I hope to encourage others to set such a goal because it is always reachable.

I believe it’s important to realize that others have come all the way through the kinds of challenges we face.

Obtain Your Healing and Keep It

I believe you will find information and encouragement in this book that is not found elsewhere

I believe you will find information and encouragement in this book that is not found elsewhere


I am excited to offer you a FREE download of my new eBook, “Obtain Your Healing and Keep It”.   This 65 page pdf book can be read on eBook reader and Kindle apps on tablets and smart phones.   I simply email the pdf to myself and then open it on my device and send it to the reader application.

This book is 65 pages and contains is filled with encouragement and insights that swept me through “the valley of the shadow of death” when I overcame pancreatic cancer years ago.  It is based on several seminars I presented in different venues and is organized and edited to be easy to read and understand.   It is meant to boost your faith for healing and walking out your life in full-blown health.

I hope you will visit my internet television page at:


This TV site has about a dozen short videos discussing

many aspects of obtaining and keeping healing and health.  

You may also want to check out my other blog:  

www.slamthedooroncancer.com .

Some Prescription Drugs Can Deplete Vitamins

Every prescription brings "other effects" and some are stealth.

Every prescription brings “other effects” and some are stealth.

Good Health is a balancing act and sometimes stealth issues are keeping us out of balance.  Loss of vitamins needed for critical bodily functions can be one of those hidden issues if we take prescription drugs.  We may be so used to depending on man-made chemicals “for our health”  that we overlook the “big picture”.  

“Unless we put medical freedom into the constitution, the time will come when medicine will organize itself into an undercover dictatorship. To restrict the art of healing to one class of men and deny equal privileges to others will constitute the Bastille of medical science. All such laws are un-American and despotic.”
Dr. Benjamin Rush, Physician and
Signer of Declaration of Independence, 1776

We are about two and one-half centuries beyond Dr. Rush’s statement and we are living in a day when the practice of medicine is a totally different undertaking than in Dr. Rush’s day. Having been married to a classically trained physician for 50 years and, therefore, in a position to watch medical “care” change from being half art and half science to being neither, I have spent a great deal of time contemplating this reality.

In her great book, Re-Thinking Pasteur’s Germ Theory, Nancy Appleton writes: “Recently I asked an acquaintance if he believed he was healthy. His immediate answer was, “Yes, of course.” “However, . . . I found out he controls his high blood pressure with a prescription drug and takes antacids frequently for an upset stomach. Since his symptoms are controlled by medication, he thought he was in good health.” (p9)

I agree with Ms Appleton who went on to say that what we experience when medicating to mask symptoms is not health. High blood pressure and upset stomach’s are not cured by the prescription drugs but temporarily hidden by them so that the ultimate cause goes unaddressed. Thus is the modern medical culture. We recite symptoms to a doctor who matches them to a recommended prescription drug. The cause is always there but ignored.

However, I assure you, the symptoms don’t exist because the body is “short” of a prescription

Make sure your prescription drug is not costing you valuable vitamins.

Make sure your prescription drug is not costing you valuable vitamins.

drug—any prescription drug. The symptom is there because something is “out of balance” and it might be bio-chemical or it might be electrical, or it might be the result of complex imbalance due to emotional matters and so forth.

Surely, having watched so many pharmaceutical advertisements on TV warning of “possible side effects”, none of us are so naïve as to think we are getting away ‘scott free’ from ‘other effects’ that come with every man-made chemical swallowed. I elaborate more on these issues in my books. However, in this post I wanted to share information about an “other effect” from taking pharmaceuticals that few are aware of — the depletion of vitamins and minerals from our bodies due to these ingested chemicals.

Why is such depletion matter? Vitamins and minerals are absolutely essential for health—indeed for survival. I speak of the components of good food because vitamins aren’t merely another pill that “makes up for letting our kids eat mostly junk food ” or “enables silver haired people to ride bicycles” as multi-vitamin commercials sometimes imply. Manufactured vitamins and minerals are not complete molecules and of little real use. They can be harmful and they do not make up for living a careless lifestyle any more than prescription drugs do. Eventually, we lose our bio-chemical balance and health.

I don’t think it’s a stretch to say that Dr. Benjamin Rush would be appalled at seeing patients carrying bags of 20 or 30 different pharmaceuticals through their doctor’s waiting rooms. Surely he would be appalled at the minimal dialogue between physicians and patients as well as the fact that the manufacturers of those drugs educate all the doctors. After all, the scenario he described in the above quote has come to pass because the powerful medical/petro-chemical establishment has established a powerful “bastille” for their industry.

Considering loss of vitamins, what’s the big deal? Vitamins, in their complete natural form, enable our bodies to use the food we eat in ways that enable the countless complex functions to be coordinated at the cellular level. They act as catalysts for most all critical bodily functions. Consequently, I am compelled to share a link to a fairly comprehensive chart that can help you realize certain shortages you may be experiencing if you are taking prescription drugs. I am NOT advocating you stop taking medicine a doctor has prescribed. If you are at peace with your protocol, I respect your decision. Sometimes medicines help people through certain situations.

I just wanted to help you gather information that may help you deal with “other effects” of those medicines.

Below are a few examples of some commonly prescribed drugs and a list of the nutrients that are automatically depleted.

Anti-inflammatory drugs deplete: Calcium, potassium, zinc, iron, Vitamins B6, C, D, K, folic acid, chromium, glutathione, Vitamins B6, C, D, and K

NSAIDs: Folic acid, melatonin

Aspirin/Salicylates: Vitamins C, K, B5, folic acid, calcium, iron and sodium

Corticosteroids: Vitamins A, C, D, B6, B12, folic acid, calcium, magnesium, potassium, selenium and zinc

Cochicine (used for gout): Vitamin B12, calcium, sodium, potassium, phosphorus, Beta-carotene

Statins (Lipitor, Zocor, Crestor,etc.): Coenzyme Q10

ACE Inhibitors for hypertension (Lisinopril, etc.): Zinc

This list is from: www.naturalnews.com


Walk Through the Healing Door BEFORE You Slam It!

Jesus opened the door to healing but we MUST walk through it in faith.  Then we can slam the door in the face of disease

Jesus opened the door to healing but we MUST walk through it in faith. Then we can slam the door in the face of disease

Jesus, through His teaching and His death and resurrection, opens so many wonderful doors of opportunity to those who believe that we are who He says we are and that He is who He says He is.   Jesus opened the door to forgiveness, and He opened the door to healing for those who not only believe in Him but those who believe Him.


He flung these doors wide open for us and told us that no man can shut them against God’s beloved. (See Rev 3:8)  But we MUST walk through these doors of blessing by using God’s kind of faith and, once we do, our enemy cannot follow.   Why is my book entitled Slam the Door on Cancer and Lock It Out of Your Life? Because, once we walk through the open door of healing and take God at His word, then we are in a safe place “on earth as in heaven” (See Mt 6:10).


If we stay in that intimate place with Jesus, He makes sure the enemy is locked out of our lives.   Do we have to live a perfect life to stay there? No, we fully and simply embrace our loving relationship with our Lord—knowing He loves each of us unconditionally and loving Him back.   I am in contact with many believers who are not aware of God’s love for them individually and who believe they are unworthy of healing. This obstacle must be removed because it is a lethal lie!


Now, let’s look at what I found in Scripture about “God’s kind of faith” and then we’ll look into God’s word that assures us that Jesus has opened the door to healing. These are truly important insights because we learn in Hebrews 11:1:  Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.  (KJV)


In Let’s examine Mark 11: 22-23 in a literal translation because verse 23 is usually mistranslated to read “faith

Have the Faith OF God! Pray for it and receive it.

Have the Faith OF God!
Pray for it and receive it.

in God”. However, it is the “Faith of God, as Charles S. Price powerfully teaches in the classic book, Real Faith for Healing, we must employ faith that we procure as a gift from God rather than trying to muster it up by striving.   We persist in prayer asking God for His kind of faith in order to step into the power Jesus describes for us here:
22  And Jesus answering says to them, `Have faith of God;
23  for verily I say to you, that whoever may say to this mount, Be taken up, and be cast into the sea, and may not doubt in his heart, but may believe that the things that he says do come to pass, it shall be to him whatever he may say.


I will add that the verses that follow these instruct us, before we pray for our faith, to forgive anyone we may hold offense against. Doing so will expedite the release of your faith. Not doing so will block it—Jesus was clear on that point.   We cannot bolster our faith with human will power. It is a free gift for the asking.


The first Scripture I want to share regarding Jesus’s assurance that the door to healing is as open as the door to forgiveness.   I memorized these Psalm 103 verses and was tremendously strengthened as I spoke them aloud into the atmosphere often.   I relied on God’s promise in Isaiah 55:11 that: so is my word that goes out from my mouth: It will not return to me empty, but will accomplish what I desire and achieve the purpose for which I sent it.” I know that my healing of soul and body was in that “purpose” because I decreed God’s word: Psalm 103:1-3 (NIV)

 Praise the LORD, O my soul; all my inmost being, praise his holy name.
2  Praise the LORD, O my soul, and forget not all his benefits–
3  who forgives all your sins and heals all your diseases,


The incredible revelation in Psalms 103 is that, are you ready for this….ALL means ALL! And the tense of this Psalm is present tense.   ALL and NOW!   Take that in because it is a God promise, but it does none of us any good unless we receive it in faith……God’s kind of faith.


Finally, three powerful Scripture witnesses that Jesus opened the door of healing to us. If you have been wrongly taught (and many have) regarding the truth of this Scripture, I implore you to consult F.F. Bosworth’s classic book, Christ the Healer. He will take you through the original language in a lucid way and it will open up a Scriptural door to save your life.

By His Stripes You ARE Healed!

By His Stripes You ARE Healed!


Three Scriptural witnesses that physical healing IS already yours:


Isaiah 53:1-5 (YLT)
1  Who hath given credence to that which we heard? And the arm of Jehovah, On whom hath it been revealed?
2  Yea, he cometh up as a tender plant before Him, And as a root out of a dry land, He hath no form, nor honour, when we observe him, Nor appearance, when we desire him.
3  He is despised, and left of men, A man of pains, and acquainted with sickness, And as one hiding the face from us, He is despised, and we esteemed him not.
4  Surely our sicknesses he hath borne, And our pains–he hath carried them, And we–we have esteemed him plagued, Smitten of God, and afflicted.
5  And he is pierced for our transgressions, Bruised for our iniquities, The chastisement of our peace is on him, And by his bruise there is healing to us.


1 Peter 2:24 (YLT)
24  who our sins himself did bear in his body, upon the tree, that to the sins having died, to the righteousness we may live; by whose stripes ye were healed,


Matthew 8:17 (YLT)
17  that it might be fulfilled that was spoken through Isaiah the prophet, saying, `Himself took our infirmities, and the sicknesses he did bear.’


Please realize the tense that Isaiah used (present) and Peter used (past) to indicate that our healing has already been and continues to be “bought and paid for” by Jesus within His finished atonement. Many times, people try to blame God for sickness and, in doing so, try to construe the Isaiah and 1 Peter Scriptures to mean “spiritual healing” rather than physical healing. However, in misinterpreting Isaiah and 1 Peter , these unfortunate folks are not allowing the Bible to interpret the Bible because Matthew 8:17 removes all doubt as to the meaning of these prophesies that Jesus absolutely fulfilled.


Through His “Beloved Son”, God forgives ALL iniquities and heals ALL diseases and we can appropriate that healing by walking through the open door of healing. How? Each person must tune into God to find out how God wants to manifest their healing and health as well as to find out how to cooperate with God in their individual healing adventure.


I share my own “interactive miracle” in Slam the Door on Cancer and Lock It Out of Your Life. I urge you to strongly contend for the healing Jesus has provided for you.   No other person can do this for you. Those who obtain their healing and keep it are individuals who know how much God loves them and that Jesus has obliterated the cursed source of disease with His own body and blood. They seek and seize the “God kind of faith” which begins with prayer asking for such faith and meditating on God’s word to bring that truth into their very own body and soul.

Bill Henderson Again Shares Hopeful Anti-Cancer Information


Being healed from life threatening disease is pure joy!

Several times I’ve mentioned cancer crusader Bill Henderson’s tireless work to help people move toward victory over cancer without the horror of conventional cancer treatment.   Shortly, in this post, I will share a link from Bill’s eNewsletter which is an article/testimony of being healed from pancreatic cancer.   The writer will introduce himself.

Most people don’t realize that their treatment decisions are theirs rather than the “experts” they encounter.   Our healing, indeed our lives, depend on what we know, what we believe, and what we will endeavor to do in order to restore our health.

I have often written on this blog that “health is THE cure for cancer” and I’ve avoided chasing rabbit trails within the “cure mentality” because there are many and some are nonsense.  

I’ve encouraged you to avoid thinking of cancer as “some alien other” we need to kill.  I am going to share a link, here, to a wonderful article written by a radio personality who wants use only the name “Cory” so that he isn’t overrun with calls and emails.  

I think you will find this article very encouraging.  

Happy New Year to All my Real Health Hope readers.

Can Your Body Become Immune to Cancer?


  I believe there is a very good case to be made that the answer to this post’s title question is YES!

The innate intelligence of our “Immune Systems”  can keep cancer, indeed disease, totally away!



I would take it a step further to say I believe our “selves” can be maintained in a way that makes us immune to all disease.  I don’t mean immune to being attacked by disease mechanisms, but I believe we can sustain health that enables us to smack down disease before it can take hold.

To reach a persistent healthy state, all three aspects of a human’s “being” must be involved.  That is, spirit, soul (mind, will, emotions) and body.  We are three part beings and these “parts” cannot operate independently although both medicine and religion endeavor to separate them.  I explain in Slam the Door on Cancer the historical basis for this unfortunate effort.   In this post, I’ll move beyond focusing on that issue.
Spiritual “Health”:
Remembering that this is a Christian blog, I must consider Biblical Scripture as our truth.  And we are living under the “new and better covenant” God “cut” with Jesus on our behalf (so that imperfect people can’t mess it up as they did under the Old Testament).  
 I encourage you to read Hebrews 8 regarding what our Lord has done to assure that we are no longer under the curse of Old Testament Law.  The letter to Galatians also clarifies this point:    [Galatians 3:13 (AMP)   Christ purchased our freedom [redeeming us] from the curse (doom) of the Law [and its condemnation] by [Himself] becoming a curse for us, for it is written [in the Scriptures], Cursed is everyone who hangs on a tree (is crucified); ]
 Jesus stood in for us and brought us to a place where His spirit will live in those who invite it in.  We can trust His perfect spirit to make our spiritual health beyond reproach.  If you are still living under Old Testament condemnation, it opens your spirit, soul, and body up to the enemy’s attacks of sickness.   Jesus’s blood covers ALL sin.  I encourage you to review the epistle of 1 John.     Spiritual freedom is “finished” on the cross.    
Soul “Health”:
In my own healing adventure of overcoming pancreatic cancer years ago, I did enormous research that I consistently share with my blog readers.  I found that the body and soul are absolutely biochemically linked.  Emotions stimulate certain bio-chemicals to be released into the blood and carried to body cells where there are specific receptors on every cell membrane for these chemicals.  Consequently body function at the cellular level where disease like cancer happens is altered by emotionally triggered chemicals.  
What are the “make your body cells sick” emotions?  Persistent bitterness, resentment, unforgiveness, guilt, hate, fear, feelings of helplessness, all kinds of insults, etc etc !   In other words negative emotions that are suppressed or unresolved inescapably cause a cascade of physical events that eventually trick our precious immune system to brew up chronic inflammation within our bodies that undermines our bodily health in severe ways.  
 Adding pharmaceuticals to mask the inflammation symptoms is like removing the bulb of the warning light on an automobile dashboard.  The causeremains active.
Jesus’s soul was “poured out unto death” (Isaiah 53:12) on the cross and He there modeled forgiveness (essential for soul healing).  We often overlook the many facets of His work on the cross, but our soul health is a part of our health inheritance through our Lord.  The glory light–the dunamis power–of His resurrection is in us so that we can resolve any emotional upheaval through the guidance of the gospel of peace. 
 Jesus’s last earthly words regarded His giving us His peace.   The gospel of John (especially Chapter 14) is a good place to study this truth as is this profound truth in Romans 8:11 (AMP)   “And if the Spirit of Him Who raised up Jesus from the dead dwells in you, [then] He Who raised up Christ Jesus from the dead will also restore to life your mortal (short-lived, perishable) bodies through His Spirit Who dwells in you.”
It would follow that our goal is not separating soul from spirit but purifying both with the Word of God. [Note:  I discuss in Slam the Door on Cancer how Hebrews 4:12 is often incorrectly translated from the original Greek regarding this point.]
Bodily “Health”:
Obviously, physical health has an emotional component as I’ve just shared.  In fact, both our emotional and physical health can be tremendously impacted by “natural” aspects of living–diet, sleep habits, exercise, recreational rest, laughter, water intake, etc.   Even”modern medicine”  may admit that “stressful living” impacts physical health.
Stressful living is a state in which our “body/mind” or “body/soul” is either getting too much “stuff” that harms it or not enough of the “stuff” it requires to operate efficiently.     The issue can be reduced to the old cliché “garbage in — garbage out” except defining “garbage” is the catch.   
We CAN make our bodies immune to cancer–indeed to “dis-ease” and subsequent disease in one simple way.  We have no choice but to define “garbage” the same way our immune system does–we can’t change the definition.   The immune system’s job is to “read” whether input material is “self” or “non-self”. 
 Is the input material a “toxin”–something the hard working immune system must try to erradicate through the process of inflammation?  Or is it material composed of molecules body cells require to make the “stuff” such as fresh new body cells or the products of body cells such as hormones, enzymes, energy, etc. that we absolutely cannot live out our intended lifespans without?  
“Toxins” also include negative thoughts, words, and emotions not” taken captive” as Scripture advises–again linking body and soul health.  But it’s not merely a matter of avoiding toxic emotions; it’s necessary to “think on good things” just as it’s critical to input sufficient food and water that cells can use in creating health.