Sharing a Scriptural “Gem”

I had this message in my daily email devotional from Pastor Joseph Prince ( ) this morning and couldn’t pass up sharing it with you even though I’m on a sabbatical for posting.   I encourage you to get Prince’s new book, Grace Revolution, as it will change your life and increase your joy and faith as he rightly divides the old and new covenants in practical but totally Biblical ways.   Here is the devotional:

Jeremiah 32:27
“Behold, I am the Lord, the God of all flesh. Is there anything too hard for Me?

Do you have a problem believing that the moment a sinner receives Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior, he is saved? I believe that you will say, “No.”

Let me then ask you which is harder for God (though in reality, we know that nothing is hard for God): To save a soul from hell or heal a sick body? Of course, it is “harder” to save a soul from hell because God had to send His Son to the cross.

So if God has already given you the greatest miracle that you can ever receive, which is to pluck you out of the clutches of eternal damnation and give you eternal life, what is healing your body, saving your marriage, turning your rebellious teenage son around or giving you that business deal to Him?

Therefore, don’t think that when you come to God with a headache, He says, “No problem,” but should you come to Him with cancer, He says, “Cancer? Wow! Not that easy. This is more problematic. I will need more power!”

No! It may appear more difficult to us, but with God, nothing is too hard for Him because He says, “Behold, I am the Lord, the God of all flesh. Is there anything too hard for Me?”

This was indeed the case for a church member who was suffering from ovarian cancer. After I had prayed for her, I told her, “This cancer is not a problem for God. Just believe that when God said that nothing is too hard for Him, it is so!” In a matter of weeks, she came back with tears in her eyes, testifying that she went back to the doctor and he pronounced her healed after he could find no traces of cancer in her.

Beloved, if it is a miracle you need, it is a miracle you will get. God has already given you the greatest miracle of eternal life, so why would He not give you all the other lesser miracles?

Remember that miracles are not always events but processes in which we let God lead us in making every decision before we yield to the world’s way of doing things.


Real Health Hope Update

There is a great deal of material in the posts you can search on this blog.  I am currently on a writing sabbatical and will likely start adding new material in a very few months.   Thanks for your patience, but I plan to offer a new ebook in exchange for your patience.

Love Came Down

 From personal experience I know how illness at Christmas is a terrible stressor for the entire families of those under attack of disease.  I share in my book, Slam the Door on Cancer, my own saga of a late Christmas Eve discharge from a hospital four hours away from home.

However, IF we who believe God (not just believe IN Him but believe His Word) look past the often tedious festivities of Christmas in the world, we can see the ultimate healing and health that Christ’s birth brought over two-thousand years ago.  All of us can be blessed by getting off the holiday treadmill and spending time contemplating how that first glorious Christmas began the process we can all embrace–rebirth through the Lord’s resurrection we celebrate at another holy holiday–Easter.

We know that our Lord’s passion before and during His time on that cross as well as the willingness and obedience with which He poured out His precious blood IS God’s grace–God’s love poured out to heal and save us once and for all.  We know that Jesus’s birth came in the “fullness of time” when the world was upside down.   The Roman Empire was cruelly terroristic and ruled its victims by fear.   The ancient Jewish covenant had been corrupted by Jewish leaders–Pharisees, Sadducees, and Scribes–all colluding with the Romans.  The enemy who tempted the first man had a grip on the dominion over all the earth.  Certainly the “law of Moses” and the animal sacrifices had proven to be past their useful time.

We think the world is tough now, but because of the first Christmas and the first Easter, it is not lost in helplessness and despair as it was when the curse of Eden was still “legal”.   Jesus, Himself, called satan “the prince of this world” and he was until God took on flesh putting the perfect plan of redemption in place.  God IS love and LOVE came down to that dark dark world.  And Jesus did everything needed to reverse the curse and restore God’s Kingdom on Earth as in Heaven.  Our participation in this Kingdom is up to us because God gives us freedom to choose being  either OF the world or OF His Kingdom but not both.   Col 1:13,14 (The Voice Translation) says, “You have rescued us from dark powers and brought us safely into the kingdom of your Son , whom you love and in whom we are redeemed and forgiven of our sins (through His blood).  

it-is-finished-1313416-639x424The above scripture speaks of salvation and I recently learned that every single time salvation is referenced in New Testament the Greek word “sozo” is used which means “wholeness of body, soul, and spirit”.  We know as Isaiah 53:5 clearly teaches (when the original language is studied) that Jesus procured our physical healing by the stripes He took on His back by the Roman “cat of nine tails” and we know He reversed the curse that held us captive to guilt and sin consciousness–even a religious spirit from Galatians 3:13 (The Voice Translation)  “the Anointed One, the Liberating King, has redeemed us from the curse of the law by becoming a curse for us.  It was stated in the Scriptures, ‘Everyone who hangs on a tree is cursed by God’.”

While, from a worldly perspective, facing down an enemy attack on our body or soul at Christmas is exponentially more difficult, we can draw from the Word of God in a more poignant way at Christmas.  This child born while angels sing gloriously to humble shepherds.  This child born of a virgin came to this earth for the very purpose of dying–of going obediently to the cross so that He, as the once and for all perfect sacrificial lamb, took all our sin and disease while we received His righteousness .  It was God’s plan of redemption–of healing and wholeness of our bodies, souls, and spirits and the blessing of freedom from the oppression of the principles of the enemy carried out principally through power mongers and predator religious sects… from animal sacrifices that only bought temporary redemption.   We are reminded at Christmas that LOVE CAME DOWN once and for all to give power to the powerless and oppressed.

Sickness is a curse and certainly it is oppression.  Cancer is perhaps the most aggressive instrument the enemy of our souls can wield even to those who accept Christ the Savior.   Why is that?   Because so many strong believers have not come to realize that God loves them unconditionally or that salvation by God’s grace through faith is a powerful means of physical healing.   Great authority comes to us as we choose to be “in the world but not of the world”.   (This is a good time to read John 17)  We have God-given authority to persistently command tumors out of our bodies in the mighty name of Jesus of Nazareth–the name above all names.  We can do this with confidence if we embrace the truth that God ALWAYS wants His children  living in physical health.  We wear Jesus’s righteousness by God’s grace.    We cannot earn this blessing—Jesus earned it for us.

Many Christians struggle to believe God loves them in spite of their shortcomings.  God the Father endured allowing His ONLY beloved Son to go all the way through the passion of the cross taking EVERY sin and disease (see Deut 28) to that cross with Him.  He declared His mission “finished”……our enemy’s dominion on earth was finished.   This enemy still steals, lies, and attacks but he has no legal right to do so unless we take his accusations to heart and allow him to steal our faith in God’s Word.  Our healing is assured in God’s Word–all through God’s Word. (see John 10:10)  That Word expresses God’s intent.  When the words we speak aloud over our bodies matches God’s Word, our intent lines up with His.   What could be more powerful?  Speak Health!

I recommend you read Annette Capps’ small but important book, Quantum Faith, to give you empowering Scriptural insights.





Healing the Cancer Personality

letter-c-in-tile-1258637-639x426This is a guest post from Barbara Carroll, author of the book, Healing the Cancer Personality. Her experience, observations and research bring us an intriguing insight and perspective regarding that dreaded disease, cancer.

Barbara’s Article:
In 1995, I found myself struggling with several diseases that doctors deemed incurable. I had been sick for several years and tried everything I knew to get well – and yet I made no progress – until I found a ministry in Georgia that taught me about God, the Bible and roots to disease.

Through Scripture, I learned we are three part beings. We are a spirit, we have a soul (mind, will, emotions) and we live in a body. “And the very God of peace sanctify you wholly; and [I pray God] your whole spirit and soul and body be preserved blameless unto the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.“
(1 Thessalonians 5:23 KJV)

The ministry I worked in, , works with people to find the root cause of their particular disease dealing with body, soul and spirit because these cannot be separated. In fact, within the past few decades science has irrefutably proven the biochemical link between body and mind (soul). The goal of good healing ministry is health rather than management of symptoms.

Over a time, as I learned about God and the power of His Word, I began to apply His truth to my thoughts and behavior. Disease symptoms began to exit. Healed, I stayed in the ministry several years sharing what I’d learned because I was strongly compelled to help others heal.

My personal and ministry experience taught me that in order to get well from a disease process, we have to deal with every area of our creation. In other words – we have to feed our spirit with the word of God, deal with our thoughts and emotions, and overcome the roots to the disease. We have to learn to line up our intent and actions with God as revealed in His Word. We also have to feed our body natural and healthy foods and establish loving and healthy relationships. Our words and thoughts must be life-giving and Scripture teaches us how to rest in the Lord for the peace we require.

In my ministry work, I found myself praying with many people fighting cancer. As I got to know them, I saw many common personality traits. This observation launched me into researching whether the medical community had compiled information about such traits. What I found changed my life and my ministry.

During years of studying how our thoughts, beliefs and behaviors can affect our physical health, I learned that many doctors and researchers recognize personality traits commonly seen in people who have certain diseases. Most of us have heard about the type “A” personality – but I learned that there are specific personality traits that are associated with particular diseases. I found numerous indications that a type “C” personality associated with cancer can be profiled through shared copious medical observations. I found there was considerable information on this subject.

In my book, Healing the Cancer Personality I have identified many studies and articles that have been done about this very issue

Feeling of Helplessness is a root of many diseases and often cited within C type personality.

Feeling of Helplessness is a root of many diseases and often cited within C type personality.

and will herein summarize the most important personality traits that have been identified.

Studies in the 1940s and 1950s explored the idea that there is a cancer personality, but it wasn’t until 1979 that the term “Type C personality” was introduced by Dr. Lydia Temoshok.

Richard Sagebiel, MD, who headed a melanoma clinic in San Francisco, noticed “a strange pattern of stress and coping” among his patients who had melanoma. He asked Dr. Temoshok to study these cancer patients.
She found the patients who were not doing well, that had the thickest tumors and poorest prognosis, were:

• Bottling up their emotions. Emotionally flat. Hardly ever expressed anger or any negative emotion. Unable to acknowledge sadness or fear. Dismissed or ignored strong emotions.
• Pleasant to a fault, regardless of circumstances. Overwhelmingly nice. Uncomplaining. Unassertive. Cooperative. Patient.
• In denial – used denial as a coping strategy.
• Pleasers. Always putting others first. Overly self-sacrificing. More concerned about the other people in their lives rather than themselves. Striving unduly to please others – even strangers — leaving their own needs unattended.
• Prone to guilt and self-blame. Had low self-esteem.

These characteristics she then called “Type C”.

The medical community has continued to anecdotally identify a “type C” personality as:
• a person who denies, avoids, suppresses, or represses their feelings,
• They may be stoic or they may fabricate their personality so that they can be accepted by other people.
• They can be a false burden bearer.
• He or she can have a calm outwardly rational and unemotional demeanor but they also have a tendency to conform to the wishes of others.
• They can display a lack of assertiveness and an inclination toward having feelings of helplessness or hopelessness.
• They can be angry and/or depressed.
• They may not have a vision for their future.

The Bible tells us this about having a vision for our future:
Proverbs 29:18 (KJV) “Where there is no vision, the people perish.”

Without a vision for our future … we become hopeless and lose our will to “choose life”. (see Deut 30:19)

In my work with people attacked by cancer, I have seen that the personality traits listed herein are accurate to a great degree. However, I emphasize that every person is unique. We all must work with God on our personal issues and He loves each of us so much He WILL guide us through His Spirit to ours. Let me share information I found fascinating from Dr. W. Douglas Brodie, MD who wrote in “Causes of Cancer: The Cancer Personality”:

“In dealing with many thousands of cancer patients over the past 28 years, it has been my observation that there are certain personality traits present in the cancer-susceptible individual. These traits are as follows:
1. Being highly conscientious, caring, dutiful, responsible, hard-working, and usually of above average intelligence.
2. Exhibits a strong tendency toward carrying other people’s burdens and toward taking on extra obligations, and often “worrying for others.”
3. Having a deep-seated need to make others happy. Being a “people pleaser” with a great need for approval.
4. Often lacking closeness with one or both parents, which sometimes, later in life, results in lack of closeness with spouse or others who would normally be close.
5. Harbours long-suppressed toxic emotions, such as anger, resentment and / or hostility. The cancer-susceptible individual typically internalizes such emotions and has great difficulty expressing them.
6. Reacts adversely to stress, and often becomes unable to cope adequately with such stress. Usually experiences an especially damaging event about 2 years before the onset of detectable cancer. The patient is not able to cope with this traumatic event or series of events, which comes as a “last straw” on top of years of suppressed reactions to stress.
7. Has an inability to resolve deep-seated emotional problems/conflicts, usually beginning in childhood, often even being unaware of their presence.

Typical of the cancer-susceptible personality, as noted above, is the long-standing tendency to suppress “toxic emotions”, particularly anger. Usually beginning in childhood, this individual has held in their hostility and other unacceptable emotions. More often than not, this feature of the affected personality has its origins in feelings of rejection by one or both parents. Whether these feelings of rejection are justified or not, the individual perceives this rejection as real, and this results in a lack of closeness with the “rejecting” parent, followed later in life by a lack of closeness with spouses and others with whom close relationships would normally develop.

Those at the higher risk for cancer tend to develop feelings of loneliness as a result of their having been deprived of affection and acceptance earlier in life, even if this is only their perception. They have a tremendous need for approval and acceptance, and develop a very high sensitivity to the needs of others while suppressing their own emotional needs.”

My own observations concur with Dr. Brodie’s. In my book Healing The Cancer Personality, I site many more studies and articles written by people in the medical community. I also talk about Scripture and how God would have us think and behave so that we don’t have these traits or issues in our lives because His Word assures us He wants us always IN HEALTH.

Proverbs 23:7 clearly reveals the impact of our soul (mind, will, emotions) on our very “beings” for we are human “beings”. It counsels: “For as he thinketh in his heart so is he”.

Noted author, Deepak Chopra, tells a story about a medical doctor who had not had a check up for 25 years. When he was compelled to get a physical due to life insurance requirements, a large dark spot was found on his lung. It was diagnosed as inoperable cancer. The doctor died a couple of months later. Some days after the funeral, Chopra was sorting through the physician’s effects and came across a chest x-ray that was 25 years old. Out of curiosity, he put it up to the light and, lo and behold, there was that same dark spot on the lung! The deceased doctor had lived a vigorous life all those years and was, in effect, killed by the diagnosis and not the disease.” Reactions to diagnoses can denigrate our most intimate “heart thoughts”.

We have the power within us to change our lives, personality traits, and spiritual strength. Cooperating with our Creator and knowing He loves us unconditionally is the beginning, but we must also realize that disease is NEVER from God but is from the enemy of our souls. Jesus said, “The enemy comes to steal, kill and destroy. I come that you may have life more abundantly.” John 10:10. The foundation of our victory is realizing what Jesus procured for us in his death and resurrection because He became a curse for us so that we need not carry the curse of disease in our “beings”.

Every Word Counts!

 The power in our words is real and persistent even if we don't mean what we say

The power in our words is real and persistent even if we don’t mean what we say

Are you talking yourself into “dis-ease”?     It’s very common to hear “casual statements like”:

“I’m trying to get the flu….”

“This headache is killing me…..”

“The ‘sore’ on my foot is worrying me to death….”

Many of us do a great deal of negative self talk thinking it is “just words” or, worse, a way to be “humble”; however, our bodies hear and respond to every word we say. This topic is discussed in considerable detail in the book, Slam the Door on Cancer….and lock it out of your life.  The power of words is very much discussed in The Bible in many different places.  The resources mentioned in this post ALL expand the subject of speaking life or speaking death.  Either way, you will be correct.

In  Slam the Door on Cancer, I share an exercise I learned from author and counselor, Gary Sinclair who wrote Your Empowering Spirit. In my seminars, I ask for a volunteer to come forth and try to get one who is confident in their muscle strength. I have the volunteer stretch out their dominant arm to the side at shoulder height. I do my best to push down the arm so it touches their side. I work out regularly so I am pretty strong, but often the volunteer can hold the arm in place against significant resistance. Then I ask the volunteer to envision an imaginary person–not someone they know–standing about 10 feet away. I ask if it’s a man or woman so I know they have a solid “Picture” of the person. Then I ask them to tell the person they are “weak and unworthy” aloud ten times. When they’ve finished repeating these words, I have them extend the same arm again and, without exception, I have been able to push the arm down quickly with two fingers of pressure. THIS PERSON’S BODY HAS BELIEVED EVERY WORD IT HEARD THE PERSON SAY TO AN IMAGINARY PERSON KNOWING IT COULD NOT BE TRUE. THEIR OWN BODY HEARD THE WORDS AND OBEYED THEM.

The wise King Solomon tells us in Proverbs 6:1-2 that “Thou art snared with the words of thy mouth.” Charles Capps, in his essential book God’s Creative Power, explains, “Spoken words program your spirit either to success or defeat. Words are containers. They carry faith or fear, and they produce after their kind.” (p4) Romans 10:17 says, “So then faith cometh by hearing and hearing by the Word of God“. ( )

Dr. Caroline Leaf, PhD, in her book, Who Switched Off My Brain?, says, “Words are the symbolic output of the exceptional processes happening on micranatomical, epigenetic, and genetic levels in the brain. The words you speak are electromagnetic life forces that come from thoughts inside your brain. They are influenced by your five senses and result from choices you have made. They reflect your attitude. . . .They contain power and work hand-in-hand with your thought life, influencing the world around you and the circumstances of your life.” (p 93) ( )

Dr Leaf admonishes us that this discussion is “much more than just positive thinking…framing your world with words is not just about talking positively. . . .Your words have to be backed up with honesty (what the science of thought calls integrity.” (p93)

In my own “interactive miracle”, I found God’s creative power in His Word by decreeing aloud all of His promises about my health and well being. I lined my own “intent” up with God’s “intent” and no enemy can touch that power. Intent is a key in any thought or word process and we further discuss the quantum science underlying that power in Slam the Door on Cancer.

In her profound book, Discover the Secret Key of the Cross, Margaret Lukasik discusses listening to what you’re saying every day. “You’ll probably find that you’re making confessions all day long that keep you working hard on your own rather than looking to Christ. By changing what you say, you’ll be exchanging words of hard labor for words of freedom and rest.” ( )

Lukasik’s book can free you from fruitless striving to muscle God through prayer and decrees and move you toward speaking His Word because it’s true. We decree God’s promises not to make them happen but because they have already happened and our part of the process is to proclaim them or release them into our very atmosphere.

Check out the Scriptures listed on the resource and reference page of this blog to tune into God’s intent. As Margaret Lukasik says, “We are to operate in this principle (of speaking God’s Word over and over daily) to grow faith for God’s Word, not laboring to be good enough to move God’s hand for us.”

The CD/Scroll set, “Letters From Jesus for Healing” available online is an exquisite way to “soak” in the truth of God’s Word as well. ( )I would also recommend the 2 CD set “Soul Soaking In the Midst” by Katie Souza and Janie Duvall which is available through . Janie Duvall’s anointed soul soaking music is available from the eStore at . Listen to God’s promises when you can’t be speaking them aloud and your faith will soar……it can even help repair your DNA which is a topic for a future post on this blog.

Christian physicist/teacher, David Van Koevering, has done a “quantum healing Scriptural audio available at Van Koevering makes comments between Scriptures to help understand the quantum science revealed in the Scriptures.

“Free Art” Heals Body & Soul

You may think this post is trite.   I assure you it is not.   In this post I’m sharing a critical element of healing

from any “dis-ease” including cancer.   We’ve said before that “laughter is the best medicine”; that moving lymphatic fluid ‘drains our inner swamp’; that deep breathing is an enemy of cancer; and that our body and soul (mind, will, emotions) are irrefutably connected.   Within what I am referring to as “the whimsical” are elements of all these powerful healing practices–without the possible “bondage” of making sure you are doing this right or not forgetting to do that twice a day, etc.    NONE of what I’ve shared with you in book or blog is meant to be “bondage”.   You can be content in any situation (as Paul said he was even in prison) and disease can feel like a prison keeping us from “our lives” ; however, taking the next step to being whimsical may seem “too much of a stretch” for some situations.   It never is because fun keeps you from taking yourself too seriously.

 Just scribble some loops in a sketch pad with colorful markers randomly. NO PLAN IN MIND. Then color in areas again without a plan. You will get "lost" in the color and that's healing.

Yep YOU are an artist. Just scribble some loops in a sketch pad with colorful markers randomly. NO PLAN IN MIND. Then color in areas (again without a plan). You will get “lost” in the color and that’s healing.

I observe that, in many cases, if a wife is being attacked by cancer, husbands will try to fight the fight for them over-acting “the whimsical”.  It’s an idea, I’m sure, rooted in love (and unfortunately sometimes in fear and denial); however, I’ve also observed that ONLY the one actually under physical attack from a disease can initiate “the whimsical”.    The family might “sneak up on the attack” by bringing the “sick person” into whimsical family activity like doodling in tablets with markers or crayons and passing the tablets around every few minutes so that another person is working on what you started and sharing these usually funny pictures once each person has had a turn on each tablet.  (That’s a paper tablet not a computer tablet of course.)  If adults won’t do this with you, find some children.

Simple, whimsical, activities need not tire anyone, but they can distract all involved from trying to act like they aren’t thinking of the “elephant in the living room”–the sickness challenge going on.  The entire family can benefit from the distraction.


In my book, Slam the Door on Cancer, there’s a small section called “Don’t Forget the Whimsical”.  Here’s that short excerpt with a few added thoughts:

‘Don’t Forget the Whimsical’ (of which “Free Art” is an important part).
I’m compelled to make you aware of the healing impact of “free” art and music in healing. You may not consider

Learn 4 chords on a ukelele and you can play many fun songs. You WILL laugh.

Learn 4 chords on a ukelele and you can play many fun songs. You WILL laugh

yourself an artist – but you are. I recommend you get a small sketchbook and some markers or crayons and spend time doodling.   If you can turn on some music that will flow through your soul without calling attention to itself, it absolutely will emit strong positive vibrations. Just move the crayon or marker and get lost in it.

Begin with no pre-conceived ideas and expect nothing.   Start with drawing a shape or even a couple of lines . . . God will show up. You may “see” things in your “free play” sketches days later– images that help your soul heal.   I’ve know folks to actually realize the probable emotional root that’s allowed the disease attack as they have looked through their “free art pieces”.
If you ever played a musical instrument, maybe you could pick it back up . . . just for you.  Or,you could get your hands on an inexpensive ukulele or harmonica and learn a tune or two for fun. At least, get a kazoo but get two because someone else will want to join you. Breath deeply when you “play” harmonica or kazoo remembering our earlier discussions of its importance.

 Try silly stuff like these things and you will be amazed how healing it is. If the folks around you scoff at silliness, do it anyway. They aren’t the bosses of you and, besides, fun is contagious. Get back to who “you” are by remembering “you” are not your body. You are a spirit with a soul living in a body. God is a fun God always in a good mood. When I learned to play and laugh with God, my healing took an actual “quantum leap”.

Soon we will have a guest post regarding the “Cancer Type Personality” and I think you will find this post underscores the importance of loosening up one’s personality for beating this “dis-ease”.

Lymphatics! Our Secret Soldier!

I apologize to readers.  In my haste to answer the question:  “Please share in more detail what you did in your “interactive healing miracle”, I did not give attention to one of the most critical elements of this victory–lymphatics.    Most people are aware that they have “lymph nodes” and that it’s frightening for doctors to talk about cancer cells being found in them.   Frankly, that’s about the extent of awareness.

Our lymphatic fluid MUST constantly move through filter nodes and return to our circulatory system. It is a 24/7 internal cleansing mechanism.

Like fresh moving water, our lymphatic fluid MUST constantly move throughout our bodies, through filter nodes, and finally return to our circulatory system. It is a 24/7 internal cleansing mechanism.

I do give attention to our amazing under appreciated “lymphatic system” in my book, Slam the Door on Cancer, but I want to march this topic out into the sunlight for its own “awareness campaign”.   We have so many colored “awareness of disease” ribbons which somehow irritate me because I don’t like making any disease a “celebrity” in any sense.    Instead, let’s give something that really deserves awareness and CAN help us NOW individually more than a ribbon.   Let’s give it respect and USE it wisely which costs nothing and tremendously impacts our health.   Let’s drain our stagnant swamps within.

What is the lymphatic system?  It is a network of vessels and nodes (basically filtering stations) that cover our entire body more or less parallel to our blood vessel system.  They have valves similar to veins to guard against “back wash”.  The fluid in lymph vessels is not “pumped” by a “beating heart” as blood vessels are.

Instead they depend on muscle contraction and deep breathing to move fluid along.  The deep breathing, especially compresses

Stagnant water accumulates toxins, debris, and "gums up the works" just like a stagnant lymphatic flow does in our bodies.

Stagnant water accumulates toxins, debris, and “gums up the works” just like a stagnant lymphatic flow does in our bodies.

abdominal organs and the space around them to help fluid not become stagnant.   There are two zones to the lymphatic system.  One includes head, right arm and shoulder and part of thorax (chest).  The other includes the rest of the body.  Both have tiny capillaries picking up wastes and debris at the cellular level then carrying it via gradually enlarging vessels (and passing through filtering and/or “treatment nodes”  then finally “dumping” that filtered fluid into the blood vein just under the left collar bone.

How does this important system work?   The process goes on 24/7 but can be sluggish if not supported by light exercise and deep breathing.   The sedentary lifestyle and habitual shallow breathing that goes with it undermines the critical function of this system.  Chronic inflammation, the root of nearly every disease,  usually results.   The heart will keep the circulatory system “chugging along” up to a point.   The lymphatic system depends on you and me to live in such a way that this waste fluid has no opportunity to stagnate. We cannot afford to take it for granted.

In all my research I came to realize that the more deliberate a person is in cooperating with the amazing “clean out system” we call our “lymphatics”, the less likely that person is to have inflammation get a foothold and disease get a stronghold. Personally, I pursued proper breathing mechanisms integrated with light but comprehensive exercise (whole body involvement).

Two of our best lymphatic strategies are demonstrated well.       I again share a Youtube videoby a physical therapist, Tom Ockler, at  (this links to the first of three in a series) as well as my own exercise video at .   I also offer a DVD of these exercises (loosely adapted from Tai Chi) on    Some people like the DVD because they can use it with their TV instead of computer and, on it, I repeat the movements several times.  I sell it at my cost.

Frankly, it is easy to learn the movements by memory (from either youtube or DVD) and do all or part of them whenever you have the opportunity throughout the day.  The routine takes very little space and you can pick the ones you are more comfortable with.  It is very helpful to do them upon arising because our bodies do tend to need a “jump start” after a night of stillness.

Regarding deep breathing, here are the basic steps (as Dr. Andrew Weil teaches them).  This exercise has been used for 1000’s of years in ancient and modern medicine.  Remember, cancer is anaerobic but normal cells MUST have oxygen:

  1.  You just sit quietly
  2. Put the tip of your tongue at the back of your upper two front teeth
  3. Breathe in through your nose to a count of 4
  4. Hold the breath to a count of 7
  5. Breathe out with a soft “whoosh” through your mouth keeping your tongue at the back of your two upper front teeth.

Apparently the tongue on the teeth completes an electrical circuit which is extremely helpful because we live in a “body electric” as well as a biochemical body.

Many wonder what they CAN do to enhance their internal environment so that diseases like cancer cannot gain access.  Living with respect to our and awareness of our “secret soldier”–our amazing lymphatic system is THE first step.  I encourage you to work with it!  Obviously, staying well hydrated is essential for the lymphatic system to be able to do its job sufficiently.


Meat Decisions Regarding Cancer

Cattle are "wonderfully designed" to turn photosynthesized plant material into a really healthy form of food that a really healthy body can well use in moderation."

Cattle are “wonderfully designed” to turn photosynthesized plant material into a really healthy form of food that a really healthy body can well use in moderation.”

When I was personally faced with “being my own doctor” with a diagnosis of ‘untreatable pancreatic cancer’, one of the most confusing and difficult decisions was whether or not to stop eating meat. I had been a “beef eater” all my life and really wondered if “going vegan–or almost vegan” was that important.   I was, then, unaware of the enormous changes that had taken place in beef production. I now live in a rural area where there is much “beef on the hoof” but mostly these are brood cows with calves at their sides and plenty of green grass to graze upon.   As yearlings, the calves are usually shipped to a large industrial feed lot “out west”.

Recently,a local farmer I respect posted on Facebook that he’d found a sick calf in his herd and he made a remark that caused me to pause. He said something like, “Those of you who don’t want us to use antibiotics haven’t ever seen a sick calf.   We wouldn’t give them antibiotic injections unless necessary as a bottle of the medicine costs $1100.”    I know this man takes great pride in and care of his herds.  Yet, I realized he was unaware of the real issue we who understand we MUST eat “clean food” for our health (really that’s everyone but some of us are “re-building” our bodies) “get”.

He misunderstood the issue of “conventionally raised beef in crowded feed lots who

Most commercially produced meat lives in dirty conditions eating food we don't need passed on to us in their meat.

Most commercially produced meat lives in dirty conditions eating materials we don’t need passed on to us in their meat.

only receive  feeds designed to make them grow fast and stay healthy enough to pass inspection.  Thus they receive massive amounts of growth hormones, prophalactic antibiotics, and genetically modified corn, soy, and (according to “Consumer Reports” Oct 2015) they may also be fed “candy, chicken coop waste, and the slaughterhouse remains of pigs and chickens, ….and plastic pellets, which are used as substitutes for the fiber they’d normally get from grazing on grass” (as God designed them to do).

The “Consumer Reports” article also confirmed the drug information I mentioned earlier.   The article title is “How Safe Is Your Beef?” and provides a nice chart entitled “A Tale of Two Cows” contrasting habitat, diet, drugs, and basic slaughter principles for a “conventionally raised” or “grass-fed” beef cow. (p27 of the article)

The article goes on to explain bacteria including “superbugs” in beef and explaining how to choose, handle, store, and cook beef for best safety.  In a nutshell, the “Labels to Look For” are:  (p 28 of the article)

  1. BASIC:  “No Antibiotics” (If the package says “raised without antibiotics” and also “USDA Processed Verified”, a no antibiotics claim is more trustworthy.   ” Be aware of labels such as “no antibiotics used for growth promotion,” which can still mean that antibiotics were used.”
  2. GOOD:  “Grass-Fed”.   The USDA requires that beef labeled “grass-fed or “100% grass-fed” come from animals that have never been given grain and have access to pasture during the grazing season.”   There are documentation loopholes, however.
  3. BETTER:  A.  “Organic”.  “Cattle are fed organic feed (no pesticides, synthetic fertilizer or genetically engineered ingredientsCattle are fed organic feed ).  They are not given antibiotics, hormones, or other drugs.  Animals must be given access to pasture for most of their lives, but feed-lots and grain feeding during their last few months is allowed.”  B. “American Grassfed Association”.  The animals are never given grain and have continuous access to pasture or a grass-based forage when weather does not permit grazing.  Antibiotics and hormones are prohibited.  The Association verifies those practices. Pesticides and herbicides are allowed on the pastures the animals feed on, and they can also be fed genetically engineered alfalfa.”
  4. BEST:  “Grass-Fed Organic:  “With this combination of labels, you get meat from cattle that have not been fed grain and eat only organically grown grass and forage.  Antibiotics, hormones, and other drugs are prohibited.  If the package also has the Animal Welfare Approved seal, the Certified Humane seal or the Global Animal Partnership (GAP) 5 or 5+ seal, animal welfare standards also apply.”

I am fortunate that some “local producers” have chosen to cooperate with smaller well designed processing plants and sales outlets for beef, chicken, and some pork.    They also work with a small local company who go to Alaska and catch small batches of “wild caught  salmon” processed in Alaska and flash frozen before being carefully flown to our area.   I encourage you to look for such conscientious entrepreneurs in your area.    I also encourage you to visit and read the entire article which is truly packed with information.  One thing is certain.   Eating rare meat–especially ground meat–is potentially very dangerous.   Safe handling of meat is a major challenge and needs to be meticulous–that is kept cold from slaughter through preparation and then thoroughly cooked before consumption.

Personally, when I was beginning my healing process, I gave up all meat and most dairy (except the high sulfur dairy proteins used in the Budwig protocol) for the first three years.   I added a bit of grass-fed beef and chicken I was reasonably sure I could trust after that.   However, I still eat very little meat and feel much better when I don’t.   Too much meat is inflammatory and we know most disease is rooted in inflammation.

It takes much longer to digest meat than plant-based foods and a weakened or challenged digestive system means an over-faced immune system.  Always in healing, we are actually replacing body cells…..all of them fairly often.   We must have a highly operative immune system (which is really not a system but a cooperative effort from parts of every other body system).   In this body re-building, the “raw materials” are nutrients if we want healthy replacement cells.   Why put stress on this innate and critical healing mechanism?    Standard cancer treatments put enormous strain on these essential healing mechanisms because the strong chemicals and radiation kill more “healthy cells” than “cancer cells”.

What’s the issue with antibiotics in meat?  Simply said, antibiotics always wipe out and/or weaken some built in immune system functions.   These chemicals are very strong and they pass right through food animals into the consumer.  The toxin effect accumulate and tricks normal healing functions.  God made our bodies to heal and man-made chemicals don’t figure into the plan.

Why are corn and soy such an issue.  Virtually ALL corn and soy is genetically modified and “read” by the body as toxic material.   We can’t digest it normally and it can damage our own DNA which, of course, figures into the cancer equation.

I urge you to give your body ONLY God-made “raw materials” so His built-in healing mechanisms can do their job.   God IS our health and He didn’t just “mess about” in creating our “wonderfully made bodies”.  That’s certainly been my experience and I’m just an average person.


For Streamlining Health & Healing

I want to help my readers streamline their healing and the stewardship of their health.

"Streamlining health & healing" means getting on track and staying there. Making choices that give us peace in our spirits and creative healing power in our bodies and souls.

“Streamlining health & healing” means getting on track and staying there. Making choices that give us peace in our spirits and creative healing power in our bodies and souls.

Within that mission, I’m keen to provide well documented and powerful resources.As I discuss food, understand that, in every possible case, it must be grown in a way that honors God’s Creation—certified organic and non-GMO (genetically modified or engineered). Please note that organically grown foods and non-GMO foods are labeled in a specific way and I posted descriptions and photos of these labels at:

Then, if you go to the home page of  at and click the “Resources” tab at the top of the page, you will find the book appendices there including “Food Nutraceuticals” and “Spice Nutraceuticals”. You are welcome to copy and paste these into a word processing document and save or print out to take shopping with you.

These are the appendices Three and Four of the book and they give you lists of foods that contain molecules known to detoxify, inhibit inflammation, boost immune system, stimulate apoptosis (cell suicide) and/or Natural Killer Cells, inhibit proliferation of tumor cells, inhibit invasion of tumor cells to other tissue, inhibit angiogenesis (growth of tumor blood supply).

The information in appendix three (foods) was compiled from numerous sources including but not limited to the books: Foods to Fight Cancer by Beliveau and Gingras (both PhD’s) and Anti-Cancer: A New Way of Life by Servan-Schreiber (M.D. and PhD and long time cancer survivor).

God created us individually and provides materials we can use individually. Our needs for health management in this modern world are not a surprise to Him.

God created us individually and provides materials we can use individually. Our needs for health management in this modern world are not a surprise to Him.

The information in appendix four (spices) was compiled from the work of Dr. Bharat B. Aggarwal, University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer as the lead writer of a NIH manuscript entitled: “Molecular Targets of Nutraceuticals Derived from dietary Spices: Potential Role in suppression of inflammation and Tumorigenesis”.

Chapter Eleven of my book, Slam the Door on Cancer and Lock It Out of Your Life, is entitled, “Embracing the Power of Food. The term “nutraceutical” is used to compare the impact of God-made substances to “pharmaceutical” or man-made chemical substances.



Here’s a comparison of God-made & man-made “medicine”

We are designed with the most powerful healing mechanisms within our very complex and ever-changing bodies. God-made medicine adjusts perfectly.

We are designed with the most powerful healing mechanisms within our very complex and ever-changing bodies. God-made medicine adjusts perfectly.

• Nutraceuticals:
o Molecules NATURALLY occurring in food. God-made to match God-Created bodies.
o Selected over the course of history for survival support.
o Synergy or antagonism between molecules by design not accident.
(“Over-dosage” extremely rare or non-issue because food and body are coordinated naturally.)





Man absolutely cannot make medicine able to "not do harm" in our complex bodies. Even disease organisms eventually outsmart synthetic drugs.

Man absolutely cannot make medicine able to “not do harm” in our complex bodies. Even disease organisms eventually outsmart synthetic drugs.

• Pharmaceuticals:

o Created in a laboratory—synthetic

o Selected in a laboratory (with profit as part of motivation)
o PROUNOUNCED SIDE EFFECTS (really “other equal effects”)
o Synergy or antagonism due to chance and rarely recognized. Dosage and coordination with other substances often an issue.

In the next post, I will share more about my own protocols but insist that my readers do not copy me unless they tune into God to find out what He “prescribes” for them individually. He assures us through Jeremiah: “For I know the plans I have for you. Plans to prosper you and not harm you. Plans for you to reach your expected end.” Jer 29:11   His plans might or might not include a brilliant surgeon.


If your plan matches God’s, you will move forward in perfect peace. How I wish more people would consult with the Lord BEFORE making treatment decisions rather than jumping into the first thing suggested or prescribed and then hurrying to get on numerous prayer lists. We cannot muscle God into cooperating with something we’ve chosen without consulting with Him first. God is “driving the bus” on our healing journey.

You may also find the current post at informative.

Prayer and Stewardship

After a three part series on powerful prayer, some may wonder:

“If prayer focusing on God’s grace is THE ultimate element in seeing healing manifest, where does nutrition and lifestyle fit in?  The answer is that prayer and stewardship are a continuum in health.

Prayer, indeed intimacy with God, is THE basis for both obtaining and keeping one’s healing.  God is NOT an “indian giver” but He cares about the details of our lives–and will guide us through each move we make.

God is a good father. He wants to carry us forward in health and joy. He's not merely interested in our obtaining our healing. He is our guide for keeping it.

God is a good father. He wants to carry us forward in health and joy. He’s not merely interested in our obtaining our healing. He is our guide for keeping it.

Of course continued intimacy with the Lord is essential because He IS our health as He assured and proved to the Israelites as literally millions of them left Egypt completely healthy regardless of age and a difficult history as overworked slaves.   Stewardship of our blessings is, actually, yet another form of worship–of praising and thanking the Lord for creating these amazing physical bodies and enmeshing body and soul perfectly for our enjoyment.

Whenever nutrition and lifestyle change is the topic of discussion, many folks dread the thought. They think of the uncomfortable bondage of “diets” and struggling to avoid unhealthy food or habits using their own willpower.    Christians often overlook that self-control or temperance is a fruit of the indwelling Holy Spirit and a free gift (Gal 5:22,23).   Being in a close personal relationship with a loving, holy God changes our “want to” so that carnal willpower becomes immaterial.     Instead of struggling to NOT do what we addictively want to, we find ourselves compelled to co-labor with our great Creator in keeping our bodies operating like a well oiled machine (an infinitely complex one at that).   I have seen this miracle many times when a volunteer teacher in addiction recovery.   I never once witnessed victory through human willpower–I saw it happen only through yielding to God’s love and compassion leading to the “gifts of the Spirit”.

Victory is inherent in focusing on moving toward the light rather than focusing on moving away from the darkness.  Faith changes our “want to”.

In my own experience, as I tuned into God through prayer, obtaining and keeping my healing merged into the same process.  In

In this health journey,victory is ALL about trusting our Creator and Lord.

In this health journey,victory is ALL about trusting our Creator and Lord.

persistent and consistent prayer (a brand new experience for me at the time), I began to sense being directed in my physical and mental choices.   I stopped trying to “drive the bus” on the healing highway and began to trust.   TRUST eliminates fear and stressful striving neither of which can succeed in stewarding health.    God gave me a yearning for what my body/soul needed and I began to flow with it.

We need to stay in tune with our Creator constantly and persistently.

I discussed specific aspects of stewarding healing in my book,  I will mention some of those important  revelations regarding stewardship of health below.   However, the foremost precept is that our created body/soul is so complex that no human being has, does, or ever will grasp its makeup and function completely.   We are biochemical and electrical, as we do know, and we have cells of many “types” making up tissues that group into organs that group into systems.  However, organs can function in more than one system, cells can “morph”, and an infinite number of chemical and electrical mechanisms constantly adjust to each other and to the internal environment and external environment.  Neither the human imagination, amazing as it is, nor the most advanced human designed computer could possibly ever register all the processes within the body much less the constant adjustments of every part of these.

Adding man-made chemicals to the mix–designed by human beings in business organizations–aimed at “flicking this or that

Without exception, man-made chemicals have unknown and undesired "other effects" that disturb our highly complex bodies.

Without exception, man-made chemicals have unknown and undesired “other effects” that disturb our highly complex bodies.

chemical or electrical switch” can never do ONLY what the designer intends.  ALWAYS and in every case there are “other effects” marketed as “possible side effects”.   They are not merely possible but probable and no person knows what else is happening that can damage natural processes permanently.   Ingesting a legal man-made chemical is no better “bet” than ingesting a “illegal” one.  We may take an “over the counter” pain relief pill.   It may stop a symptom.  It will never be ingested without unknown consequences and it will not address the cause of the pain.

All this said, never forget that God has the answer for every dis-ease.  He is not surprised by the mess “in the world”.  He created every possible “medicine” (in foods, spices, herbs) to help us maintain these body/souls in absolutely perfect balance chemically and electrically.  It’s a matter of being “in the world but not of the world”.   Yes, what we eat, drink, think, as well as our work, play,  and rest are all part of the health maintenance design of our Creator.   I learned the hard way that our body/souls respond in a healthy way ONLY to food God made and intended for their fueling and sustenance.

If a molecule is present in a particular food (such as ellegiac acid in berries that stimulates apoptosis or suicide

God-made food and medicine as one. Man cannot improve on it.

God-made food and medicine as one. Man cannot improve on it.

of cancer cells) and we happen to eat more berries than we need one day, the overage will simply pass through without becoming toxic.  That is IF the berries are not laced with pesticides or earthly toxins.    Other than some herbs, foods don’t need to come with “maximum dosage labels”.    God builds that into our “want to”.   We lose an appetite for that food for a period of time.

Food is sometimes concentrated into "supplements" that can be very helpful in a world where industrial farming is rampant. Stay tuned into God when considering supplements.

Food is sometimes concentrated into “supplements” that can be very helpful in a world where industrial farming is rampant. Stay tuned into God when considering supplements.

I’m hesitant to tell you exactly what I did because we each must go to God in prayer for our own “healing plan–nutritional plan”, but I believe there are universal “musts” and they include overcoming inflammation;  being aware of and eating to balance body pH to a slightly alkaline mark;  exposing skin to sunlight without sunscreens regularly; drinking clean water; sleeping deeply and regularly; laughing and exercising (lymphasizing);  spending time daily “grounded” electrically (more info coming in future posts); and assuring body cells have access to essential fatty acids.  All these things work WITH our amazing innate “immune systems”.   In the book, Slam the Door on Cancer,  and/or visiting  and clicking on “Resources” tab at the top of the home page, give you more detailed information on foods that heal and their specific anti-disease functions.

Prayer and worship keep our spirits in touch with our loving Creator’s Spirit so that He can “coach our health stewardship”.   It’s a simple matter of asking and listening and responding.   It’s all about trusting God. God sees our TRUST in Him and credits it to us as righteousness just as He did Abraham.   (see Gen 15:6, Romans 4:3, Gal 3:6, Jas 2:23)  We may be “in a mess”, but He’s “on the alert” to lead us to victory in every way.

I’m already working on some more specific stewardship insights for the next post.  God bless!